Day 1093- Be Kind To Brian Day

I’m taking a course on manifesting the life I want.  I’m on day 5 of a 10-day session. I’m working on gratitude because that’s a big part of this manifesting thing. This is all so foreign to me, but I’m doing it.

Today, I wake up thinking about a problem I’ve been trying to find a solution to for a couple of days. I’ve gone down several paths; all are dead ends.  I work a couple of other avenues and the second one pays off. Someone gets back to me. I get an email with the solution. Yippee!

I go out to the pet store to get another ball for Stevie.  This is attempt number three in the search for a ball that won’t drive me nuts. She likes to push them under the couch and then cry until I get them out.  At the store, I ask for the Chuck-It ball, and the lone guy at the cash register directs me right to them.  I saw the Chuck-It ball on Amazon. It seems like it’ll work. As I walk down the aisle, another ball catches my eye.  There are dozens of balls to choose from. I’m not great with so many choices, since I have to make the perfect one. Up and down the aisle I go. Do I want a squeaker? No.  Do I want a hard ball?  It cannot fit under the couch! 15 minutes later I pick up that first ball, and I head towards the cash register to check out.  When I hand the ball to him to scan, he says “This isn’t a Chuck-It ball.” Yep, I know. He asks me if I’m a Pet Perks member. I say “It’s OK.” I just want to get the ball and get out. I’m a man on a mission, and I have another stop to make. It’s been a very hectic couple of weeks.  I need to get back home and get some work done. He scans the ball. It rings up at $5.95, including tax. I hand him $6.00.  I never use cash.  But, I’ve got $6.00 in my wallet. Just give me my nickel, and I’ll be on my way.  Instead of handing my change back to me, he pulls out his phone.  I think it must be something for work. But, it didn’t ring or buzz. How rude!  Can’t this wait? I’m the only one in line. Then, he starts to touch the screen, over and over.  Is he texting?  He doesn’t say anything to me. After a minute or two, he punches some keys on the cash register then asks “Do you have a dollar?”  I’m wondering why he needs another dollar.  I gave him $6.00 did I miscount? I look at the screen on the cash register and see he has deducted $4.40. The price is now $1.27 including tax. He finally explains. PetSmart price matches Chewy.com; who has the ball for $1.19. He was looking up their price. Score! I don’t know what prompted him to do this, but I’ll take it. I thank him and leave.  It’s excellent when strangers do beautiful things for you just out of the blue.

My next stop is Aldi’s. I need to pick up one item.  It’s Wednesday around three thirty in the afternoon. It shouldn’t be crowded. I’m a man on a mission.  I want to pick up the butterflied boneless leg of lamb and get home before rush hour in West Chester happens.  I find the packages of lamb. More choices. I pick the one I want. Now, it’s another decision point then. Which line will move faster? The lines, two of them, are tremendously long. One woman has about 85 items. She’s currently checking out.  The other line has several people with fewer items. I choose the one with more people and fewer items. As I’m standing there, a woman in the other line looks at me and asks if I have just this one item. I answer in the affirmative. She says “You can go in front of me. Oh, really?  OK. Then she realizes, she better check with the woman behind her.  That woman smiles at me and says it OK. I step in front of the woman who gave me the invitation. Then, the woman remaining between me and the check out guy says “You can go in front of me.”  I step right up to the register, and I’m out of there in no time.

Mission accomplished.  Saved about 80% on that overprice ball for Stevie.  And, the leg of lamb I found was already seasoned, so it’s ready to cook for tonight’s dinner.  Best of all, four people were just kind to me out of the blue.

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