Day 1114- I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (The best news I’ve ever heard)

So, tonight, I’m on a Zoom call with a friend of mine, Joe Higgins. Joe is a medium and a best selling author of four books.  Joe has volunteered to speak to Helping Parents Heal giving us his insights gained from decades of contact with the spirit world. Tonight is also the premiere of the show Seatbelt Psychic, starring another medium I’m acquainted with, Thomas John. I’ve spoken with Thomas on several occasions and even set up a completely blind reading to prove his abilities are real. He passed with flying colors. It’s pretty cool to be able to watch a television program starring someone you know.

Joe gets the usual questions about the spirit world, soul planning, etc. I’m moderating the meeting, fielding the queries and, as always doing about two other things when one of his answers  catches my attention more than the others.  It’s about us missing out on the childhood of our children who pass young. If your child has passed before high school graduation, marriage, grade school graduation, or whatever, you have had thoughts on what you are missing. In fact, while I’m on with Joe, a friend is texting me about the guilt she feels going on with her life while her son who passed in his late 20s is missing out. That thinking is wrong. Our kids who passed early aren’t missing out. The thought they are missing out comes from the fact that we still buy into the lie that their lives ended when they left their bodies. Au contraire; from everything I’ve come to understand, this is when real life begins. Do not weep for what they are missing. I tell her to think of her son as being off at college. Then, I use another analogy that works for me. If Shayna was off on vacation (like she was the last week of her life here) and I was stuck at home working (like I was that week) would I feel sorry for Shayna? The answer. No way.  I’d be jealous, a bit, but happy she’s having a good time. Our kids are off having a great time while we stay here and finish up school. But, my friend counters, he’s living his life without me. Just then the question comes that prompts Joe to say “Don’t worry about what you are missing with them being there and you being here. When you cross over, you will have the opportunity not only to relive all of the moments you had with them when they were here. You can pick up where you left off and experience what you would have experienced had they not left their bodies at that time. Whether you leave now or when you’re 80, it makes no difference, once you’re back Home. You are not missing a thing. So, do not be in a hurry to get there.” I think every parent who has lost a child maturity has had this thought. I know I repeatedly have. I want to see her growing up. If she’s growing up in heaven and I’m stuck here, by the time I get there, she’ll be an adult, and I will have missed out. If I get out of here now, I can still watch her grow up. I don’t think Joe appreciates the magnitude of this thought for a grieving parent. It’s not an entirely new concept for me. I’ve heard it once before, I think. This is perhaps the best news I’ve ever heard. The thing about getting into this afterlife stuff is it just gets better and better. In fact, it often seems too good to be true.

After Joe’s presentation, Ty and I stay up to watch the premiere of Thomas’ show.  A Christian friend has texted me asking me for the channel it’s on, to my surprise because her faith looks down on mediumship. I deal with mediums on a weekly, often daily basis. Having grown up in the church and dealing with the priestly class (who are the ones who told us not to consult mediums so they could control us) and now dealing with mediums, I can say that mediums talk about love, light, and service as much as any pastor I’ve ever met and far more than most. Mediums, for the most part, live their lives knowing that the afterlife is very real and they will be accountable for the way they have used their gifts. I’ve seen them give of their time and talents in service to Spirit and I’ve seen the healing that can come from mediumship. The Bible says to test the spirits by the Spirit and the mediums I know pass the test with flying colors. I text my friend telling her Thomas is on at 10 o’clock on Lifetime. I also send her the link to the blind test I conducted with him so she can watch the video and know this show is for real.

Thomas is phenomenal on the show. He is blowing people away with his accuracy. There will be skeptics. Yes, the show could be fraudulent, but only if the passengers are in on it and are great actors. Peraonally, having had a reading with Thomas myself, knowing others he has read for, and tested him personally, I know this show is legit. After the show, my friend writes me “Wow!  You know that I don’t want to believe in this because of my faith and what the Bible says about mediums but I’m also very drawn to it!  That was a very interesting reading (the YouTube video) and I loved the show!”

I think/hope mediumship is about to come out of the dark and into the light. The SoulPhone might be just around the corner.  And, soon maybe everyone will have access to the best news I’ve ever heard.

I’ll leave you with this song that Joe’s teaching started swirling in my head as I slept last night. I don’t want to miss a thing. And, maybe, I don’t have to.

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  1. I love what you wrote Bryan! I was really happy to hear that we can catch up with our kids when we go on the other side and we are not losing anything! We just have to be patient and finish our work here! This is our challenge!

  2. Thank you Brian for all you and others do to help us see there is an afterlife . This was sobvery helpful to me it been 8 months I’ve been been on this journey . I didn’t know if I could survive but I have so far with yours and other members love and understanding . I will be buying Joes books

  3. Thank you for this! Our child passed away 5 weeks ago and it has been torture not being able to see him or to know without a shadow of a doubt that he is okay. This gave me some hope that perhaps he is and maybe one day we will hear from him. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for this
    I’m at the beginning of my journey but I totally believe that my son has gone Home and we are on vacation!!
    Joe resonated with me when he spoke of “exit ramps” and soul planning
    My son transitioned 1 day after his 19th birthday in October
    Wow I have come such a long way since then
    Thanks to this group and people like you!

    1. Well, this is a helluva a vacation, but I get what you meant. This isn’t our Home and it’s only for a short time.

      Peace to you. And congratulations for having come so far so fast.

  5. Thank you, Brian!
    I thought Joe’s Zoom session was among the best I’ve heard. His responses seemed to tie together much of what both Suzanne and Sara Ruble have said about soul planning, which was sort of a relief.
    I have not had a chance to watch Thomas’s Zoom session or show, but I intend to.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful insights.

  6. Thank you Brian, beautiful!
    And one of my favorite songs of all time!
    I’m sorry I missed both shows I hope I can watch them sometime. I like the phrase there’s no time in the Soul!