Day 1125- Soul Sistas

In February of 2017, Tywana and I took a trip to Florida to a conference hosted by Suzanne Giesemann and Mark Pitstick. The conference was titled Back To Your Center. I wrote about it at the time (around day 609). Suzanne felt called to give us a reading after the conference. So, a few days after we returned home, we had a reading with her. Shayna has been dropping on in her ever since.

As in most readings, there were things we could connect to and things that left us scratching our heads. One of those things that left us scratching our heads was when Suzanne said “Why would just say soul sistah? s-i-s-t-a-h. Just like that. That’s the way it sounded it. That’s the way I see it. There’s someone I think I haven’t mentioned. Did she have a really close friend who’s really hurting?”  This was very generic as far as the friend goes. Suzanne didn’t get a name or a description. So, we forgot all about this reference.

Fast forward to September 2017. Seven months later. Tywana and I go to AREI. At the conference in February, we had met Tracy Soussi and Beth West, and Irene Vouvalides.  Tracy, Beth, Tywana, and I have become group leaders for Helping Parents Heal Online Group.  At the conference are several more members of Helping Parents Heal, we had not yet met. Of those people, Tywana and seven others form a bond and start calling themselves the Phoenix 8.  They text daily (many times a day).  Sometime after that, Tracy comes up with the idea of calling the group The Soul Sistas. This is the name that sticks.

Today, almost a year after the initial meeting of the four, and almost a year and a half after Suzanne says “Why would she just say soul sistah?”, Tywana is listening to the recording of the reading and hears Suzanne’s reference and freaks out. Soul Sistas has become an integral part of her life and Suzanne mentioned it months before Tywana would even meet half of the Soul Sistas.

Tracy asked if this means Suzanne is psychic. Well, all mediums are psychic. Not all psychics are mediums. Does this mean that Suzanne can predict the future? This did not come from Suzanne. This came from Shayna.  Time is different on the Other Side.  I don’t think we’ll ever understand it fully as long as we’re here. When I was wrestling with Christian theology back in the day people would struggle with free will versus God being omniscient- including knowing future events. Did God’s foreknowledge negate our free will?  I liken it to watching a movie that you’ve seen before. You know what’s going to happen, but you don’t cause it to happen.

What we do know is it’s a good idea to record your medium readings and to refer back to them every once in a while. Often something will come through that makes no sense at the time because it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve included the audio clip below.

The Soul Sistas at the First Annual HPH Conference- 14 months after Suzanne first said “Soul Sistah”