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Day 1127- The Ideal Life

Part of the collateral beauty of living this life I’m living now is I have the opportunity to interact with some of the best healers, spiritual teachers, mediums, etc. in the world. Just this week I’ve been on calls with people in London and Australia. Tomorrow night I get to talk to a guy who had an NDE like none I’ve ever heard before. Last night, our HPH Online Group hosted Elizabeth Robinson.  Elizabeth is an intuitive, a trained counselor, coach, and Hay House author (There Are No Goodbyes).  It’s a pretty good gig, but I’d give it all up to have Shayna back.

For an hour and a half, Elizabeth shared with us about her life’s journey that has led her to this point and the wisdom Spirit has given her. Forty plus parents sat transfixed as we took it all in. As usual, we had a ton of questions. Why all the pain? Is this soul planned?  Murders?  Suicides?  Why us? Why our kids? Why?

Near the end, Elizabeth said something incredibly profound. I’ve heard it before, but I need to listen to it again, and again, and again. I need to hear it over and over because my humanity rejects it. Suzanne Giesemann has channeled Sanaya saying it.  Others have told me this same thing. We imagine the ideal life as being free from trouble. Healthy, wealthy, and with no challenges is the way my humanity wants to go through life. But, that’s not what my soul craves. My soul desires growth. If I actually wanted to live a cushy life, I would never have incarnated into this world where Jesus proclaimed we would have tribulation. Not we probably will have trouble, not we might have trouble. We will have trouble. If you look at someone, thinking their life is perfect, just get to know them a bit. None of us gets out of here unscathed.

Elizabeth said the “The ideal life challenges and changes.” What we, as humans, think of as the ideal life is not going to challenge us or change us. Many of us genuinely start on the journey of awakening and self-awareness when the tragedy, we would never have planned as humans, comes into our life. Our humanity rejects what our souls crave.

As much as I know this, I still pray for comfort. I still pray for relief. I still wish I could go back three years or forward thirty; I don’t care which, just get me out of here. And, that’s OK. That’s human. That’s part of it. Meanwhile, my higher self and my Team is saying “Hang in there. This is the ideal life. This is the one you signed up for, the life that challenges and changes. You can rest when you’re ‘dead'”.



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  1. Dear Brian, I am feeling your pain….hoping it will ease up but never go away…..thank you for sharing your input. I have read Elizabeth’s book and your experience in it. This is one of those very genuine “soul fixer upper Ladies”.