Day 1128-4 Minutes In Heaven (NDE Experience)

Getting a picture in my head of what the afterlife is like is something I’ve struggled with since I first heard of “heaven”.  Church had me wondering. Do we sit around on clouds? Do we have to learn to play the harp? Do we sing hymns all day long? Then, the New Age people said we just become blobs of light. That sounds super boring to me.  I kind of like having a body. I like eating. I like playing golf. I envision having the time to work on my golf game the way I want. I envision learning to play the guitar. Given enough time, maybe I could be decent. Try as I might, I cannot picture the “afterlife” as real.  It seems very dreamlike to me. It’s fuzzy, out of focus.  The one thing that brings it into focus for me is to listen to the words of someone who has been there. Then, for a few minutes anyway, it becomes real to me. It’s almost as if I can remember it.

I can’t get enough of hearing NDEs. Last night, we had a speaker at Helping Parents Heal who experienced a very detailed NDE several years ago that answered a lot of the questions we all have about the afterlife. Generally, I like veridical NDEs, NDEs that are supported by evidence. If the person saw something that they couldn’t have possibly seen with their physical eyes, like a shoe on the ledge outside of the building or what a loved one was wearing several states away or down the hall; if they overheard a conversation taking place outside of the hospital room, things like that, we can know something about their experience was real.  John’s NDE didn’t have that evidence. He bypassed the experience of seeing his body on the operating room table.  He had no contact with this world from where he was.  So, how do I trust him?  First, his NDE occurred over 30 years ago.  He just recently started telling his story publicly after prompting from people in afterlife groups he is in. However, he has been telling the story in his own circles for all of those decades. If he was going to make it up to seek attention or to cash in, why would he wait so long?  Second, he hasn’t written a book nor does he have a website. He is not profiting from this. Third, his demeanor. He comes across as genuine to me. And, lastly, when pressed for answers to questions, if John didn’t have direct knowledge of the answer, he didn’t make it up. Our group asked a lot of questions which John simply said he didn’t have the answers to.  So, I believe the guy.

He talked about how we are received when we cross over.  It’s maybe not what you expect.  He talked where we go to various buildings for various functions in planning this life and upon our return to our real Home. He talked about what we do for recreation and employment. Yes, we do have jobs. However, we don’t work for pay. And, play… man do we get to play!

John was gracious enough to allow me to post the video, unlisted on YouTube. You won’t find it by searching.  You can only get there with this link.


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  1. So glad you posted this video, thank you Brian!! I had missed it, and was disappointed. Wow, John had such a blessed experience, and the best was his push back to earth to “Tell them there is no death!” I smile, because I said to my dad right after he left, “I told you so!” because when he was here, he was such a depressed not-wanting-to-talk-about-the-afterlife person. I tried to talk about it cause I knew he was in such pain after Carly’s passing, and my mom’s passing before her. (I wish my dad had heard John when he was here :)

    Thank you John, you make it easier to take all the pain here. You made it clearer how important it is to stay aware while we’re here..
    Love it!