Day 1134- Sheri Perl EVP Message from Our Kids

On Sunday, Sheri Perl spoke to the Helping Parents Heal UK group about Electronic Voice Phenomena. Sheri described what EVP is, as well as explained a little bit about how to do it.

EVP is a way of communicating with spirit through the use of sound recordings. It’s almost like a telephone to spirit. You ask questions while playing a sound source in the background which you record. The responses from spirit are not usually heard until the recorded sound is played back and carefully audited. We don’t know how they do it, however, through thought and concentration spirit is able to influence the sound that we provide into audible words that we can understand. Although there are various sound sources that can be used, most often we use human speech which is digitally chopped up into unintelligible gibberish. Upon playback, actual messages, which were imprinted by spirit into the gibberish can be heard. For those of you interested in trying this yourselves, Sheri has created a user-friendly slideshow designed for both Mac and PC users that literally walks you through the steps necessary to configure your computer to record EVPs. This program can be downloaded for free at: http://sheriperl.com/evpguide

Through working with an electronic sound source made by ITC Researcher Keith Clark (idigitalmedium.com) Sheri has developed the ability to hear long messages from spirit and to take dictation directly from the recording. This is not technically Electronic Voice Phenomenon because EVP should create a message that just about anyone can hear, which is not the case using this kind of sound source. Therefore, Sheri calls what she does Electronic Assisted Clairaudience, because although she uses an electronic sound source to hear the messages, her ability to hear rests in what is called clairaudience.

Just before our meeting began, Sheri opened her clairaudient line and ask if there was anything that she should be sure to mention. Her son Danny immediately came through with a message from the children. We know from experience that the kids typically gather when we are having these meetings. Her son expressed that the message was for all the parents who would be attending the meeting, however, I believe it’s for all of us. Keep in mind that a typical EVP is not usually longer than a few seconds. This transmission is about three minutes long.

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