Day 1148- It’s Hell In The Hallway- Part 35

Today, I’m having a talk with a good friend, one of many people in my life who is helping me along the way. I’ve been blessed with meeting some incredible people since Shayna’s passing. He’s an extremely busy person, but he takes time to talk to me. I’m telling my friend about the sermon I heard at Unity of Phoenix over two years ago.  I remember it so well. The title was “It’s Hell In The Hallway”. The hall refers to the time/space we are in between the time when God closes one door and opens another. I refer to this sermon constantly. I’m sure I’ve written about it. I know I was meant to be there that Sunday. I felt like I was in the hallway then and I’m still in the hallway now. He and I toss around ideas for the business. He’s a published author and gives me encouragement on my writing and advice on how to get to where I want to go with it. He’s a phenomenal medium and tells me about a reading he’s done recently just to give me encouragement this spiritual stuff is real and it’s all going to be OK. Just as I’m telling him I have to go because I have a friend picking me up for lunch, I look out the window and see a butterfly playing in the yard. The butterfly is the same type that was following me a couple of days ago and landed in a tree right next to me where it stayed while I approached it and touched it. I tell him about it and I hang up the phone with no silver bullets for anything but feeling encouraged that I can do this and gratitude that I have the assistance I have along the way. I go out into the yard and shoot some video of the butterfly playing. After our conversation, I have more baby steps to take, more things in my action plan. That’s all I can do for now. I go to lunch, come back and chip away at my to do list.

When I turn in for the night, I am exhausted more than usual. I didn’t sleep well last night. The pressure has been getting to me. The frustration is building. At least when I’m asleep, there is some escape. I quickly fall into a deep sleep and find myself in a familiar dream.

I’m in an airport. I’ve just gotten off of a plane. I’m looking for my luggage. My luggage doesn’t come around the carousel. It’s lost. I remember it’s a gigantic black bag. I also remember that I arrived at sometime around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and that my flight out is at 5:45.  I know I’m in Detroit and I know I’m flying to Cincinnati. This is all very odd because normally in my traveling dreams, I have no idea where I’m coming from, where I’m going to, or what time my flight is. I don’t realize it’s a dream though. I am frustrated in the dream because I cannot locate my luggage. I also don’t have a ticket for my next flight. I’m trying to find an agent to help me locate my luggage and buy a ticket but the lines are very long and I can’t get to anyone. Time passes and my flight is leaving in about 45 minutes. I still have located my bag, still haven’t bought the ticket. I look up and all of the agents lined up behind the counter are elderly, at least in their 80s. They’re also all on a break. They are just sitting there talking amongst themselves while the passengers are lined up in front of them, frustrated. I make a comment about my frustration, saying “I can’t believe no one will help me find my bag and get me on this flight. To my surprise, one of the agents overhears me and jumps into action. “Can you describe your bag to me?” I tell her it a gigantic black bag with a name tag on it. Several of them go into a back room. They come out a few seconds later with my bag. They sell me a ticket and I’m going to make my flight.  Then, I wake up.

The commonalities in this dream and my others are I’m traveling and I’m frustrated. But, I know where I’m going, where I’m coming from, and I even have some sense of time. This is new. Please let this be a sign that a door is about to open.

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