Day 1154- Helicopter Pilot

In tonight’s adventure, I’m a helicopter pilot. My recurring dream is of driving cars. Either I can’t control the car, I can’t see or both. A helicopter, this is a first. Tywana and I have just been on vacation and we’re flying a helicopter back home. I’m flying it. She’s supposed to be my co-pilot.  It’s night.  I’m flying low.  I remember flying over a ski resort and seeing the ski lifts.  She’s on the telephone the entire time instead of helping me navigate, but I make it to the airport where we are supposed to land.

Then, I remember, I am a new pilot. This is my first solo flight. And I’ve completely forgotten all my training. I know I’m supposed to look at the altimeter and the instrument that shows whether I’m level or not, but I cannot remember where they are or how to read them. I can’t recall how to control the altitude. Do I push forward, or pull back? I’m flying strictly by feel. I panic for a moment because I don’t know how I’m going to land this thing. Then, I remember I somehow took off and flew all the way here. I should be able to land it.

I start searching for where I’m supposed to land. I have no clue. I look over at Tywana. Now, she’s passed out. Something with the altitude. She’s got altitude sickness. I’m going to have to do this on my own. I use my headset to call for help. But, I can’t remember my call sign or the protocol for talking to the tower. After sending out a short message, I decide to just try it on my own.

I’ll put it down wherever I find a spot. They can move it later. This is life or death. I’ve been circling for a while trying to make a decision and it dawns on me I’m probably running low on fuel. But, I can’t remember how to read the fuel gauge.

I come in for a landing. It’s nice and smooth. I try to wake Tywana. She’s really out of it. I get her to her feet and we start walking away. Dad meets us in the parking lot. Then, we remember that in all of the excitement we forgot to get our luggage off of the helicopter. We start walking back. I wake up.

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