Day 1155- Jamie Clark- HPH Presentation

Last night, Helping Parents Heal, welcomed Jamie Clark.  Jamie is a medium who has been tested under controlled conditions by Dr. Gary Schwartz, a well-known afterlife researcher. Jamie has proven his ability. Jamie shared with our group his unique path to mediumship, based on a vision at the age of five years old, growing up in a family of mediums who supported his gift, and how he had to watch many of his family members transition while he was growing up.  Jamie spoke about everything from soul planning, to suicides, to Jesus’s role in the universe to extraterrestrials. But, here’s the amazing part.

Jamie doesn’t know me. I saw him once in Arizona where he was doing a gallery reading. Last night, he was presenting his perspective on the afterlife to our HPH group. He was not doing readings. Before the meeting started, he and I and a few other people were on. We were just chatting and he stopped and delivered a message to me. I couldn’t hear it because of the background noise. It was something about his sensing me being a speaker and being asked to join another organization. Then, during the meeting, he interrupted himself and said that Shayna was coming through. But, he wasn’t delivering messages last night, so he let that go.

I asked him this morning if he could repeat the message he delivered to me last night and elaborate on what he heard from Shayna. This is what he said:

“She makes me feel that you may create your own organization or join another one in addition to this one, HPH. Be open she will guide you with your New Life choices. I like your daughter’s Energy… Strong, playful and compassionate. Trust what you feel and put your team together!”

What Jamie didn’t know last night, and didn’t know until after I asked him to repeat the message, was that I had an interview this morning and I accepted the job.

I just remembered. I have to give credit to Kat Baillie. Kat did a reading for me several months ago.  It was June or earlier.  She told me she saw me starting to get paid for what I do in September. At the time, all I could think of was the AREI symposium (the afterlife symposium in Scottsdale, AZ). But, I wasn’t sure if I was going to AREI, I wouldn’t be asked to speak there, and I don’t think they pay their presenters. It was all I could think of that could possibly happen in September.  I start the new job on September 12th.

Not all mediums are fakes, people.

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  1. Congratulations Brian! Trust the journey, yes?
    It shows us the way ~ so unexpectedly and yet trusting opens us up to the possibilities that become reality! So happy for you! xox

  2. Congratulations Brian! Such poignant validation is always heartwarming to me. You deserve all the best! I love Jesus’ expression “those who have ears let them hear; those who have eyes let them see!” ??

  3. Congratulations Brian! Such poignant validation is always heartwarming to me. You deserve all the best! I love Jesus’ expression “those who have ears let them hear, those who have eyes let them see!” ??