Day 1179- Baby Bunnies In September?

I’m out cutting the grass on September 16th thinking that the mowing days are coming to a close soon. As usual, I’m trying to kill as few things as possible while I mow. I slow down to let the moths, grasshoppers, praying mantises, etc. get out of the way. I mow around spider webs if I can. Why destroy their work? A random thought pops into my head. I think about the bunnies that are born in our yard in the spring. For many years, almost every year, if not every year, we have a rabbit’s nest in our yard. It started under the girls’ swing set. But, even after I took the swing set down, a mother would often have babies and nest them in that same spot.  I try to remember if we had a litter of bunnies this year. I can’t recall.

A few minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, I see something moving across the yard. It’s no more than 4 or 5 inches long. It’s a tiny bunny.  What?  I thought rabbits were born in the spring. It’s the middle of September and this guy can’t be more than a few weeks old. I wonder what he’s doing out by himself. I go for my phone to get a picture, but he’s gone by the time I get it out of my pocket.  I continue to mow, astounded to see this bunny just minutes after I have the random thought of bunnies, not full grown rabbits; specifically new-born bunnies. Then, as I pass the spot where the nest has always been, I see three bunnies make a run. Two of them head straight for the woods. The third, moves a few feet into the high grass that hasn’t been mown yet and freezes. Ty happens to be out in the yard and sees me taking a picture. She picks him up and moves him to near where the others ran.

Just yesterday I was thinking about working on my intuition more and some of the exercises that I have not been doing as much as I should be. Thinking of bunnies right before running across a nest of them, at a completely unexpected time of the year (for me) I’m going to count as an intuitive hit.


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