Day 1179- Shayna Still Dropping In…

We had the privilege of meeting Suzanne Giesemann at one of her workshops in February 2017.  Since, then, Shayna has continued to drop in on Suzanne providing undeniable evidence that Shayna is still right here with us, and determined to communicate with us. Suzanne shares Shayna’s stories in her presentations. Here, at an IANDS meeting, she talks about a few of the drop-ins she has from Shayna. I know there’s been at least one other.

Shayna’s part starts at around the 34-minute mark.

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One Comment

  1. Hi Brian,

    I spent (probably about) an hour last night reading many of your posts. Drop-in material through Suzanne Giesemann must help. I told Marty about your blog and sent her your Home link. I also told her about Suzanne’s interaction with Shayna, and she seems interested in consulting with her.

    I couldn’t understand what your business is about, though. I’d like to know more about it, although I have no illusions that I could help you.

    If you ever want to contact me, you can write me directly at eriess@cinci.rr.com or call me at 513-312-3742.

    I recognize writing talent.