Day 1190- Pretty Cool Night- Meeting Thomas John

Pretty cool night last night. I not only got to meet Thomas John in person, I was his personal assistant, for a night anyway.

Thomas, in case you don’t know is one of the best mediums on the planet. And I don’t say that lightly. I’ve had readings with famous mediums who are astounding and people you’ve never heard of who are just as astounding. Thomas is one of the most accurate mediums I’ve ever met. In over two hours last night with hundreds of pieces of evidence brought through, I think there were less than half a dozen people couldn’t take right away. He’s great with comin up with namesm which is a fairly rare and impressive skill. And not just names like John and Mary. Last night he got Grant, Wilma, and others that aren’t super common. He brings through big stuff (cause of death, etc.), but what’s impressive is the little things, hings no one could possibly look up. He’ll bring through things you did maybe just yesterday and told no one.  Thomas is also very generous with his time. He’s volunteered to spend time with Helping Parents Heal parents on Zoom on several occasions. He does impromptu Faceook Live broadcasts. With his television projects and celebrity client list, he doesn’t need to do this for exposure and he doesn’t get paid for it.

I’ve “met” Thomas a few times via Zoom, including the test reading he did with our friend Fran.  When I proposed he do this, I fully expected him to tell me to go jump in a lake. He’s a celebrity medium. He’s extremely busy. Why would he subject himself to this? But, he did which shows me his humility. And, he blew Fran and me away which shows me his level of talent.

I got to the venue nearly two hours early to make sure everything was set up properly. It’s a good thing I did because as soon as we had everything in place, people started pouring in. There was so much excitement about seeing him work live that people arrived over an hour early.

By the time Thomas arrived, we had everything in place. I was responsible for checking people in, selling admission for anyone who wanted to buy a ticket at the door, doing the sound check with the sound engineer, selling his books, and introducing Thomas to the room.

There were a few hitches, fully expected, but Thomas’ assistant and my little sister in spirit, Tracy, and I worked through them. Thomas said he would read for an hour, take a break, then read for another hour. Uh, Thomas, you forgot the break, my man. Thomas went for well over two hours without a break. It was cool watching him work. As much as I’ve seen this and as much as I believe, I’m still a skeptic. In an event like this, most people pay by credit card and they provide an email address. Things can be looked up. But, there were people who paid at the door. There were people Thomas had generously allowed us to invite and they weren’t on any list. One of them got a reading. As Thomas got her son’s unusual cause of death- sudden, but not sudden, an infection, but in his heart, I nodded because I knew her son’s story. He had an infection that went to his heart. It was totally unexpected as he thought he just had the flu. So, it was sudden, but it took over a month.

Ty’s father brought Shayna through for the penultimate reading of the night. Just like Shayna to be polite and let everyone else get what they needed first. As expected, and as he does on Seatbelt Psychic, Thomas didn’t just impress with his level of accuracy, he brought through healing messages of forgiveness and continued love and involvement in the lives of us remaining here. Tears were shed, humor came through at just the right times to lift the energy in the room. Finally, after about 2 hours and 15 minutes, Thomas brought the formal session to a close, then did a book signing and Q&As with the VIPs who had paid for the privilege.

I figured after such a grueling performance, Thomas would want to just Uber back to his hotel, but he accepted a ride from Tywana and me. I tried not to be too much of a stalker. Thomas, one-on-one is quite a shy guy. I kept the chatter to a minumum, just enough to break the awkward silences.

Oh, and keeping with the theme of the door opening a crack as things seem to be improving for me, I was able to pick up some extra cash in addition to being able to meet a celebrity. Pretty cool night.

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