Day 1191- I Love It When Things Work Out

Tywana took my car key to work. So, I can’t go pick up the envelopes I need to pack orders today.

Oh wait. I have a spare key in the drawer. I get the spare out. Great. I can make it to pick up the envelopes. Wait. This key is four and a half years old. It’s never been used. The battery is probably dead. It is. I can’t start the car. I use the backup manual key to open the door and try to start the car. Nope. I’ll just have to go after she gets home.

I sit down to meditate. Wait. Use the Google. There’s got to be a way to start the car with a dead key. Yep. Second video. There it is. I go back out to the car. The technique works. The car starts. I can go to Kroger, pick up the AAA batteries I need to fix the garage door opener and the CR2025 I need for my dead car key.

I get to Kroger and, due to construction, it’s impossible to get into the lot via Fields-Ertel Road. So, I take the long way in. This puts me right next to the Walgreen’s lot. Sorry Kroger. Walgreen’s is easier today. I’m going to Walgreen’s. I hate Kroger anyway.

I pull into Walgreen’s. They have AAA batteries on clearance at 65% off. Score! My lucky day. I pick up an eight pack. I find the CR2025 batteries. I pick up a two pack. I head to the cash register. They take Apple Pay. Easy. I don’t even have to get my wallet out of my pocket. I pay and I’m out the door. Both sets of batteries have cost me a little more than the eight pack alone.

I get into the car and use the screwdriver I have brought with me to do surgery on my dead key and resurrect it to life. Life is good. I put the key into my pocket and realize my wallet is not there!  Did I leave it in the store? Oh no. I head back into the store. The clerk says she hasn’t seen it. I had a lot of cash in there from a job I just got paid for. Did I leave it at home? Mild panic sets in. Is this the end of my lucky streak, so soon? Well, at least I was able to pay without my wallet. If I had gone to Kroger (who doesn’t do Apple Pay), I would have had to leave the batteries behind.

I start the drive home. I practice my meditation techniques. Stay in the moment. The wallet is either at home or it’s not. It’s probably there. What if the clerk was lying and she has my wallet? Racing to get there home won’t change what is. So, don’t speed. Just see what you see when you get home. I pull into the driveway, enter the code for the door, and walk into the kitchen where my wallet sits on the counter right where I left it. All is well.

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  1. I love when this happens Brian. Thank you for expressing thoughts I’ve also gone through struggling to stay centered and observing while my heart is beating, trying not to distrust Someone else for something I was responsible for. ? Once I went back to a shopping center and my pocketbook was still in the cart in the lot waiting for me . I yelled out loud “thank you angels!!” All is well no matter what… ???