Day 1194- A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit

“For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. For every tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush.” Luke 6:43-44 New King James Version (NKJV)

Last week I had the opportunity to witness Thomas John give a gallery reading.  My friend was in the audience that night. I have spoken with her about mediumship many times. I told her about Seatbelt Psychic, Thomas’ show.  Tywana and I have shared our stories about how mediums have helped us with messages of hope. Yet, just a few days before the show, she had sent a list of articles (all from the same website) condemning mediumship, calling it evil, saying Christians shouldn’t consort with mediums. There are claims it’s from Satan even. If mediums are evil, if mediumship is evil, could it produce good fruit?

A few days before I saw Thomas, Sherry, a mother in Helping Parents Heal, won a ticket to see him in another city. Her son’s angelversary (the anniversary of his passing) would be in a mere 13 days. The timing couldn’t have been better. In a gallery reading of 100 people, in a two hour period, maybe ten people will get a reading. You don’t go to a gallery reading expecting to get a reading. You go to see the medium work and to see first-hand people in spirit delivering messages to a loved one through the medium. As it turns out, this mother did get a reading from Thomas who brought forth amazing, detailed evidence.

Here is her post from the following day (she has permitted me to share her story):

“I wasn’t going to go.  I never get called on and I have had a long week. Tonight was beyond amazing.  I met some amazing women from the Atlanta group.  I was the only one with a son named Ethan in the room.  The first time anyone has ever called him by name and also knew that he was 17!  I want to tell you the details that Thomas brought forward for my story.  I am stunned and I’ll never go to sleep tonight.  For any non-believers or doubters here are some of the facts (evidence) tonight.

– I have lamented over the last time I saw Ethan for not hugging him the – only time I ever did that.  Thomas told me not to worry about that (amazing he knew that).

– Told me his name, how old he was and that he would help me through the tough times these next few weeks thru early October (our 1 year anniversary).

– told me about the bullying at school, the large (celebration of life) service

– asked me if I’d recently found some journals while looking for something and it upset me – of course I said no at first – and I just posted this a few days ago!! (she had forgotten until a friend reminded her)

– he didn’t want to talk about his passing – mentioned that he was surprised (not the first time I’ve heard about this)

– brought up the pool table in my house

– said the birds that were in my house were from him and they were male and female cardinal birds (OMG)

– just last week I was looking through his hair products in his bathroom and used one of them – he brought that up!!

– the other big thing – I posted here recently that I didn’t know what to do with Ethan’s story – interesting that Thomas told me he felt I’d be writing a book about it – to just hold on to that.

– funny one – he brought up a dinosaur and I couldn’t figure that one out  – Sheila Bell reminded me that my dog has a green dinosaur!

I am sure that there were more – but he didn’t get anything wrong.

I hope and know that this will give some of you hope – our children are with us.  I doubt it so often but I can’t deny what I saw and heard tonight.

Sending lots of love to everyone! — feeling blessed.”

This alone is pretty great. Thomas brought through details no one could guess or Google. He did say a couple of pretty general things including that Ethan would be there to help Sherry through the difficult days ahead. Sherry left on Cloud 9. What Thomas didn’t know is that one of those most challenging days would be just thirteen days later, the first anniversary of Ethan’s passing. What Sherry didn’t know is how this message would help her on that day.

As a bereaved parent, those firsts are probably the toughest. That’s when shit gets real. The first birthday, the first Christmas. And, a new first, a new day on your calendar, the one year mark, 365 days since you’ve seen your child.

Here is what Sherry posted yesterday, on the day that she was dreading:

“I am having the strangest and most unexpected day. I haven’t felt this peaceful since “before”. I have no doubt that Ethan is with me today. He is doing what he promised and getting me through the tough times. Feeling very thankful at this moment.”

I believe a big part of Sherry’s peace on that day was given to her by that fantastic reading from Thomas.  That reading allowed her to feel Ethan’s presence with her yesterday. Thomas brought through not just a comforting message, which is nice. He brought evidence.  Anyone can say “Your son loves you and he’s right here.” What mediumship does is prove the message is from your son. The evidence, things that no one could humanly know, shows the word is from Ethan.  It proves Ethan is still right here, helping Sherry.

But, Ethan wasn’t done.

“We had a hummingbird fly into the house today and back out. Starting to think Ethan’s big sign is birds in my house! Last time it was a male and female cardinal.

My big story was first time I asked for a sign I told him to hit me over the head with it. Within an hour two birds were sitting on my kitchen table. Thomas asked me if they were male and female. They were and they let me pick them up one by one and carry them outside. I was shaken up rest of the day.”

The assurance that Thomas gave Sherry by telling her that the cardinals were from Ethan bolstered what she already knew. By coupling that with Ethan’s message that he would be with her on these difficult days and then delivering a hummingbird, in her house, on the day… well to me that’s pretty amazing.

I’ve seen mediumship bear unbelievable fruit. I’ve seen people’s lives transformed by the words of a medium assuring their loved ones have forgiven them, are still with them, always love them, and will be there for them when they cross over.  A bramble bush does not produce grapes.

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  1. Beautiful Brian. I feel part of my soul’s journey is to create a space for people to discuss the signs and symbols they receive from spirit in a open and supportive environment. I believe telling people Spiirt signs are not real or “from the devil” is one of the cruelest things you can do to a bereaved person. I received a spirit sign from an owl , yellow butterfly and a deer among many other non animal signs. ???

  2. This precisely. The religious argument against mediumship would have God as the author of pain, heartbreak, and misery, while the healing gifts of mediumship — peace, relief from suffering, joy in knowing the truth — arise from that crafty fellow in the hot place. It’s absurd, but that black book has been used for centuries to instill fear in its followers. Sigh.