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Day 1203- Letters from the Universe

I’ve been asking for signs, looking for synchronicities, trying to believe that the universe is conspiring in my favor (not against me as I was taught most of my life). And, it’s been working. The synchronicities become more evident. The validations come more frequently. The messages are more clear. I am a glass half empty, “realist”. My theme song is Paul Simon’s “Something So Right”.

When something goes wrongI’m the first to admit it
I’m the first to admit it
But the last one to know
When something goes right
Well it’s likely to lose me
It’s apt to confuse me
It’s such an unusual sight
I can’t get used to something so right
Something so right

It takes a lot to convince me.  So, I continue to diligently press for more. I keep asking for the signs to be more and more obvious. And, it’s working. So, I’m acknowleding that and offering gratitude.

Several months ago this message started coming to me, that there was something more in store for me, “just around the corner”, that I would know which path to take and, more importantly, the path would be opened to me. For a couple of years, I’ve felt like I was running in place on a treadmill that was spinning faster and faster, to the point where I wasn’t quite able to keep up with it, I was losing ground. To mix metaphors, a door had closed behind me, I was standing in a hallway and none of the other doors were opening. I’ve been praying and waiting, waiting and praying, and trying to be patient.

Then, around June, I started getting messages from different people, messages like this:

“I see you on a much larger platform. You’re a star and a whizz at technology, so that sounds like spirit reconfirming for you that you are on the right path and there is lots more to come. I am telling you Brian, something very exciting ahead for you. Your Grandfather the preacher, he’s very much with you, pushing you forward.”

A few weeks ago, I got the gig with the San Francisco Theological Society, a part-time job, a few hours a week, but the first time getting paid for doing something like what I really want to do.  Also, in September, I had a one night gig with Thomas John where I was his assistant while he was in town, introduced him at his demonstration, and gave him a ride back to his hotel. This was my second paid deal in the month of September. When I told Kat, who predicted in June that this would all start around September (this was in June), she replied with:

Yeah, it’s a start. That’s how it started for me, but once they see what you do with it and your potential, Spirit will put more power and energy behind it. You’re going to go a long way, so just keep the love in your heart centre. It’s going to be magical. More money coming for you soon I think. Not just this gig, something more soon. Kat x

A medium that I haven’t met sent me a couple of messages. I’ll condense them to give you the gist of what she said (she speaks British, BTW).

Your energy really is amazing. You’re a very old soul with so much to share with the world from your past lifetimes You are a very wise soul with much to share with the world. Much love to you and all on hph. Everything is a bigger picture and you are here for big things to awaken this world with your voice/ your life. Honoured to meet you . I truly see your light ? I see you working very high with spirit. Your energy is very pure, very genuine. You need to have your voice out to the world with you public speaking/ a book/ your voice/ your story. I felt this the min I seen you. I know good pure energy and this is you my friend. I know spirit have great high work to do with you…reaching so many across the world and being paid. ??it’s what you came back to do. To teach others. You are a true inspiration ? xxx  what I want to say to you is that I see you as a Morgan Freeman and you can work towards that your voice is that big and needs to be heard but more importantly like Morgan Freeman it’s about being respected! So I’m here to pass on a message ????❤️❤️❤️ U are more than special. Spirit have being screaming at me to tell you for ages I tried to touch on it before without trying to come off as a weirdo. I know star quality and that’s u!!! U need to go forward ASAP with all u do ur voice and awesome energy is so pure and precious and RESPECTED like Morgan Freeman you need to do everything in ur power to get YOU out there to the masses!! Only Brian u need to be the voice for the world not just a group but the whole collective whole and the world will listen. I’m due again on a major radio show, I would like to be able to talk of you to others whom I know too ?❤️ word of mouth is so good and ur work you do for spirit is known. Ur a true treasure so much love and hugs ?❤️ But u are special like star quality special ❤️ I know energy and u ooooze it ❤️❤️ so I’m onto this for u. Energy doesn’t lie and ur energy is off the chart it’s on fire wooohooo.

Unbeknownst to the people who sent the last two messages to me, I have been working on creating an employment opportunity for about six months now. There is someone I wanted to work with. I began planting seeds hoping that there would be some capacity I could find to work with him. I kept finding reasons to make contact and show what I can do. I got an interview two weeks ago.  After the interview and before I heard back about the job, I got this email from a guy I’ve been volunteering with, helping him run a focus group for a course he is developing.

Thanks again for your help! Just wanted to touch base because it seems like a part of your purpose is to support and shepherd parents through the grief process. It just seems to me that as HPH continues to grow and expand that you and Ty will continue to play a pivotal role in its outreach efforts.
The organization is obviously growing and impacting so many people. As it continues to expand, I am curious if there has been any discussion with Elizabeth and Board Members about expanding and supporting its infrastructure. My understanding is that it is all volunteer now but as things continue to grow I would assume there would be a need for some paid staff to assist in supporting the organization.
It just seems that your skills, knowledge, passion, and experience would be perfect for some kind of role with HPH. And it also seems as the numbers expand and the tremendous value it provides people, that HPH could find some sustainable ways to financially support the people who do so much to help others.
Just thought I would pass this along for whatever it is worth to you. Happy to brainstorm some ways that HPH could responsibly and ethically generate some income to support its important mission. While obviously, you are not doing this to make money, there is a tremendous amount of VALUE provided to people through HPH. I think some of your members would not only gladly invest in this assistance but also want to sponsor and contribute to others who may not be financially in a good spot to do so.
Thanks again for everything and keep making the world a more loving place!

Currently, HPH doesn’t have any paid positions. I don’t know if they ever will. The online group just crossed 4,000 people. The international organization is at 11,000. Maybe one day… But, this got me thinking about opportunities I could create and I’ve been brainstorming about those with the help of the guy I’ve been volunteering with. I have some ideas that could work.

Just yesterday, I got the offer I had been waiting for. I had told no one but Tywana about accepting the offer. Last night, I had a meeting with Jamie Clark. This was our second Helping Parents Heal meeting with Jamie.  Jamie is a highly tested medium who has worked with Gary Schwartz in his lab in Arizona.  Normally, when there are gallery readings, Tywana and I don’t get a reading. Shayna isn’t pushy. She probably figures we hear from her enough and wants to let others have a turn. Tywana and I have been to several gallery readings. In Thomas John’s gallery reading a couple of weeks ago, Shayna made a short appearance, at the end. If she does come through, she normally hangs back. Last night, she came through saying she wanted to be first (yay Shayna!). Jamie mentioned that I had taken a new job. I don’t think Jamie has any idea what I do. He said I would be offered more in the organization. And, he echoed much of what the others have been saying. The thing is I’m currently working for three organizations. This could be any one of them or one of the things I’m working on without any organization.

Here is the video clip of the reading by Jamie:

So, what does all of this mean? I’ve been talking and thinking about the law of attraction. I struggle with it, openly. It seems if things are going great, it’s easy to believe you’re attracting it to yourself. But, if things are not going great, how do you break the cycle? Do you lie and say “All is well?” When you’re honest are you pushing success away? I have to say I haven’t fully embraced it. What I will say is that the intentions I’ve been setting combined with the actions of putting myself in the right situations, creating situations, and being open to even the slightest opportunity is paying off and the Universe keeps finding a way to send the message to me.

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