Day 1206- Ghost In The Machine

Monday night, Jamie Clark (the medium) told me that Shayna said to expect a visit from her. Today, Kayla comes for a visit for the first time in several months. So, there is a visit from Kayla. It is also the day that I am wrapping up one part-time gig and starting another. I have meetings scheduled back-to-back most of the day, one with my advertising team for Treasured Locks, one with the SoulPhone/Greater Reality Living team, one training for my new job, and finally, one with the author and the focus group that I’m co-leading. In between, I’m trying to get some work done.  Weird things happen all day. The video I’m trying to render keeps failing. Not once, twice, or three times, it fails at least four. This has never happened.  Finally, I have to give up and put up the raw footage. I cannot log into the account for my new gig. The password is correct, but Google, in its infinite wisdom has chosen to block me. I try every trick I know. I try Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. I clear cookies. I try from my phone. I turn wifi off and try from my phone again. I try from my iPad. I spend all afternoon Googling it. I have never seen this message from Google before, and I have at least seven different Google accounts for myself and various organizations I support. Finally, I have to give that up, too.

Kayla arrives, and we have a nice dinner with her. She wanted salmon and roasted vegetables. So, that’s what we have. I take my last meeting of the day, from nine to ten PM.  We stay up with her for a while and head to bed around midnight.

Since Shayna crossed over, she loves to mess with stuff. She has temporarily disabled my computer (that cost me two days of work, and I thought I was going to have to buy a new machine). She has temporarily disabled an outlet. I was on the way to buy a new one and had called someone to replace it when  I decided to try it one more time, and it started working. Tuesday, the refrigerator started making weird noises and seemed not to be cooling. I found the number to call for repair. Wednesday, the noise stopped, and it’s working fine. Today is Thursday, three days after Jamie says she’s going to visit. For the first time in months, the ceiling fan decides to do its thing. As we are about to turn off the light, Tywana has picked up the remote but has not hit the button, when the light starts to get brighter and dim, up and down it goes as if someone is pressing the dimmer switch on the remote. This goes on for a good minute, on its own. I take the remote from Tywana, press and hold the dimmer button. The light stops going up and down, but now it’s just on dim. No other buttons will work. The fan will not slow down or speed up. It won’t go off. The light doesn’t do anything when I press the button. We decide it’s dim enough that we can fall asleep. I figure maybe the battery has died and surged right before it died. But, this doesn’t make sense because the light on the remote that indicates a button is being pressed is still working. After we give up, close our eyes and try to get to sleep, Tywana tries it one more time, and it works. The light goes off.

I fall into a fitful sleep worried about how things are going to go with the new job if I can’t get logged in. They won’t be able to hire me. I’m still trying to solve the problem as I enter dreamland where I find myself in a weird store that is an amalgamation of a bank, a department store, and a grocery store. Tywana is loading groceries into the cart and I’m just thinking about how much everything costs. How many bananas does she need? There are at least five pounds. I don’t say anything. But, I’m worried about how much all this costs. I try to take money out of the ATM, $30. I get a receipt for $30.30, but no money comes out. I hope I’m not charged. I move on to where I’m going to buy something. To use my credit card, there is this giant retinal scan machine that I have to press my eyes into these goggle-like cups while standing with my feet spread apart like you have to with the full body scans at the airport. There’s a security guard instructing me how to use this contraption. Stand here. Press your eyes there. My card works, but it’s then I realize I was charged the $30.30 from the ATM. So, I walk back over there to see if my money has come out. Someone asks me if I’m looking for the $100 that was left at the ATM.  No, I tell them I am looking for $30. They say it’s in a basket. There is this table loaded with stuff that has been left.  It’s in basket 17. As I’m looking for basket 17, just as I find it, I feel a hand on my shoulder.  It’s someone grasping my shoulder like they’re standing behind me. I turn, and no one is there. I sense Shayna’s presence, and I think this is my first manifestation of her physically. I don’t see her, but I felt her. Then I realize this is just a dream. When I wake I wonder is this the visit Shayna promised through Jamie?

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