Day 1211- Soul Reading

Barbara Reed is a member of Helping Parents Heal and someone whose name has come up for me several times. I heard Barbara was doing something with reading the Akashic records for people and thought it probably had something to do with past lives. The Akashic records have been described to me as a kind of cosmic hard drive in which everything that has happened in the universe is stored. We can go there to look up past lives, past events in our lives, etc.  I’m not particularly interested in past lives. First of all, I believe that the “past lives” we talk about happen concurrently because outside of this existence, there is no time. And, second, I’m just trying to get through this life. I’m worried about today and maybe tomorrow. If I was a prince in Egypt in biblical times, how does that impact me now?

After several people raved about their readings with Barbara I decided to look into it a bit more. Her readings are much more than a glance at your past life or lives. The readings are about your soul’s blueprint, what makes you uniquely you. Armed with this information, you can make more sense of your decisions in the past (in this life). More importantly, you should be prepared to make better decisions in the future.

Barbara started off by asking me about my date of birth, full name, and place of birth. So, I wondered if this was going to be similar to numerology or astrology. She spent several hours preparing for our one-hour Zoom meeting during which she would give me the results.

After explaining what the process would be like, Barbar started talking about my energy centers. Energy centers are the one or two divine gifts that we operate out of predominantly. In my case, there are two that, combined, make up about 50% of what makes me me.

My first energy center is Divine Order which Barbara described as a desire for balance, a love for beauty, and a desire to create. This energy center makes me good at being a trainer, but I like to be well organized and prepared. I do not like spontaneity.  The negative aspect of this energy center is I avoid drama, I accommodate people, I am a perfectionist, and I will do anything to prevent failure. If things are going to be less than perfect, I’d prefer not to go forward. All of this makes perfect sense to me.

My second energy center is Divine Manifestation. I like to build things and create. Barbara said I enjoy the physical plane. Athletics, yoga, adventure, and traveling are usually associated with this type. I hate to travel and I avoid adventure (see above- I don’t like drama). But, I do enjoy physical sensations, exercising, stuff like that. She mentioned my relationship with money and manifesting money which is a complicated one. I don’t like the fact that we need money, but money does represent freedom to me. I need money to do the things I want to do, to create and to be of service.

This type’s downside is we often incarnate into uncomfortable situations. We can be ungrounded. We can be constantly chasing the next high. Again, pretty much spot on.

Next, she got into soul groups. We pretty much stick with the same soul groups through all of our incarnations. My primary location of origin is Alpha Centauri who are self-proclaimed defenders of the Earth. So, I’m a protector.

My secondary place of origin is Sirius. Sirians like to improve things. Sirians don’t like to take risks. We work within the system to improve the structures. We can get stuck in planning mode. And, we cannot function in situations where we cannot make changes. This explains why I struggled so much in school where they told me not only what to do but how to do it. It explains why I could not stand the utility company I worked for or IBM. I was on a training call the day of my reading with Barbara, a call in which I was supposed to be getting trained. Before the call was over, I was making suggestions to the trainer on how to improve their business. I can’t help it. It’s just me.

Barbara explained that I have a God spark, an additional power source, a booster of sorts I’ve gotten due to my mission. This is already in place in this lifetime and will help me with communication and self-expression.

Next, she moved to soul vibration. There is the 3D or the physical body. Everyone operates here. There is the 4D, the mind/ego, and 5D which is spiritual. 6D is where things manifest rapidly. At the 5D level you’re a gatherer, a student, going to workshops, reading, studying, etc. 6D is where you begin to teach. I’m hovering just below the 6D level according to Barbara.

She touched on spirit guides. I feel like I am aware of three. Barbara said I have six. We did not go into detail in this reading. She has other readings to connect you to spirit guides.

Barbara said I am carrying negative unjustified karma due to a tragic event that happened in a past life. I still take responsibility for not being able to save someone I had a soul protection contract with. Because I feel like I failed that person, this carries over into this life where I seek people to protect. This guilt should be overcome and the contract declared null and void. I am supposed to receive affirmations to help with this process. I astral travel still looking for this person to protect them. That should cease.

All in all, this was a fascinating reading. Considering Barbara doesn’t really know me, it was amazingly accurate. My understanding is she receives this information intuitively from the Akashic records.

I feel like I’ve made good progress through this life and have a fairly decent understanding of my current mission. I don’t particularly feel stuck right now except in the financial area. However, the reading was a great affirmation of that. And, I can see how it would be highly beneficial to people who don’t have a good grasp on who they are or why they’re here.

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