Day 124- The Veil

I believe that those who have passed over are in a dimension that is normally beyond our comprehension and perceptions. Some describe it as a higher vibratory plane. It’s not in our time-space continuum.  However, there are those who can communicate through the veil and there are times when the veil is very thin and the rest of us can pick up glimpses of the other side. Earlier I posted a video that answers the question “Why Don’t The Dead Communicate With Us More?”

In addition to the technical issues involved with communications across the gulf or through the veil or whatever analogy works for you, I think there are other reasons. We tend to think of things from our side- naturally. If they communicated with us more, we might become fixated on them. We couldn’t go on and do what we are still here to accomplish. The illusion necessary for our growth would be shattered and we’d just wish for heaven all day.  I can think of a lot.  One that has occurred to me recently though goes back to when I was a child and learned that some of us would go to heaven “up there” and most of us would go to hell “down there”.  This brought up the question, how could we be happy partying up in heaven while those in hell are being tormented. And all of us, all of us would have some loved one in hell and we’d know it if in no other way by their absence. Wouldn’t we as caring, loving people mourn those in hell?  And if we did, how could we be in bliss? Well, this Earth, many tell me, is about as close to hell as one can get. Yes, it’s beautiful at times. And yes, we find ways to pass our time here.  But, it’s filled with tragedy and pain and if you haven’t felt it, just wait.  You will. We don’t know who we are.  Most of us long for deeper relationships with each other. We cry out to a God who doesn’t seem to hear us.  And when we lose a loved one, we literally want to die the pain is so deep. So, I believe that the purpose of the veil in addition to protecting us, is to protect our loved ones who have crossed over so that they can go about their work, their growth and they can be shielded from our pain.

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