Day 1260- You Want Proof?

This is going to be a bit complex, but try to follow along, because this is how Spirit works. Things we think are random, things we think are our own independent thoughts, are not random. They are not solely our thoughts. Things are put into our heads, prompts or nudges if you will. If we act on them, with no idea why we are doing it, magic can happen.

Today, I receive an email from Suzanne Giesemann introducing me to a woman who has written to Suzanne. This woman’s middle name is Elaine (same as Shayna’s different spelling). The woman has written Suzanne telling her a story about a painting associated with her name, which she happens to know means “Shining Light”. Suzanne forwarded the email to me saying she felt like it was a setup from Spirit. I read the email and write the woman back introducing myself to her and telling her about our Shayna Elayne whose name means Beautiful Shining Light. At the time, I kind of wonder why Suzanne feels like this is a setup.  The woman shares a middle name with our daughter. But, it’s not a terribly unusual name. It is unusual that someone would know what the name means. Suzanne knows the meaning of Shayna’s name from our conversations.

It’s always nice to hear from Suzanne. And, I leave it at that. Tywana replies to the email filling in some more information. The woman got the painting that prompted the original email in Jamaica. We honeymooned in Jamaica.  Interesting… The woman sent Suzanne a photo of the painting, and Suzanne pulled up a photo she had of Shayna to see if they looked anything alike. While she was looking at Shayna’s photo, Suzanne felt Shayna drop in on her. She immediately texted Ty to ask why Shayna would be talking about something that sounded like “Tweedledee” or “doodling.” When she comes back to her computer, the image of the sacred geometry that she saw when Shayna showed her the Happy Thought Bubble is up on her screen. Shayna then tells her something about one of us digging in the dirt. It’s December in Ohio. There’s not a lot of digging in the dirt going on right now, maybe in Florida where Suzanne lives. We think about it for a moment then remember that Tywana dug a flat spot in the landscaping out front so that the penguin she put out for Shayna wouldn’t fall over. The texts are going back and forth, and Suzanne asks if someone has had a thyroid issue.  Kayla was recently tested for a thyroid issue (test was negative). Shayna’s dropping evidence. Suzanne asks if someone has been doodling. I’ve been using an app called Doodle and Kayla often doodles. The first two are amazing evidence. The doodling maybe not so much. Then, Suzanne asks if there is a crack in the Happy Thought Bubble.  Well, no. Not that we know of. Interestingly enough about two days ago as we stood in the kitchen, the bubble was swaying back and forth. There was nothing that should have been making it move. There was no breeze. It’s December. The windows are closed. The dishwasher wasn’t running. It hangs right above our sink. We’ve never noticed it doing that before. The Happy Thought Bubble has made a lasting connection between Shayna and Suzanne. It keeps coming up.

I examine the bubble as it hangs there. It’s blown class with a pattern that kind of appears like cracks all over it. They aren’t cracks though. We’re trying to make this fit. But, there aren’t any cracks. However, as I’m looking at it, I notice how dusty it is. I take it down to dust it. Just as I take it down, Suzanne texts “Is there a small hairline crack at the top, where the string attaches?” Well, it’s in my hand now, I take a look. Again, I don’t see a crack. Then, wait… There it is, a tiny hairline crack maybe an eighth to a quarter inch long. It’s so faint, that I’m not sure if it’s a crack or just the way the light is hitting the glass. I put my thumbnail in it to feel it. It’s a crack! No one knew that crack was there. We certainly didn’t notice it and wouldn’t have noticed it. I tried to capture a picture of it, but it’s barely visible on the picture. Then, Suzanne delivers the main message: “I love you, Mommy”. The evidence is there to let us know that it’s really Shayna. The message is love.

After we text the picture of the penguin in the front yard to Suzanne, she texts us back with a picture of a penguin in her house. We find out that Suzanne loves penguins. No wonder Shayna loves to drop in on her.

Did you follow all of that? This woman we’ve never met and who had no idea we exist, had the nudge to email Suzanne with a story about a painting she found in Jamaica and later learned was associated with her middle name, Elaine. After a couple of days, she goes with the nudge and emails Suzanne. Suzanne, not knowing exactly why, copies us on the email. Shayna somehow manipulated Suzanne’s computer to bring up the image that reminds Suzanne of the Happy Thought Bubble again. We also found out is that Suzanne was just coming off of teaching a workshop. After her workshops, she takes some down time because the high energy leaves her with a bit of a spiritual hangover. She’s not looking to plug into Spirit at that time. But, Shayna wanted to get that message through. Suzanne follows the prompts, Shayna drops in some evidence saying “This is me, for sure. And I know what is going on with my family. I even know what they don’t know.” – about the crack.

Once again, we are blown away. Tywana’s crying tears of joy. For some reason, this continues to surprise us even though it happens over and over and over again.

This evening we have a Helping Parents Heal meeting. Our guest is Isabella Johnson- the Soul Reading Medium.  Isabella has helped dozens of our Helping Parents Heal parents giving readings that have been off the charts good. She is certified by Mark Ireland and I was one of her test subjects for her certification. Isabella is a natural-born fourth generation medium who actually sees people in spirit. She says she sees them more clearly than she does people in bodies. She volunteered with another group last night that I sat in on. So, today, I’m seeing her for the second night in a row.

Isabella starts her presentation/demonstration by telling us about her life and what has led us to this point. I don’t know how much of this she shares publicly. And it’s a closed group. So, I’m going to respect her privacy. But, we find out that she is a Shining Light Parent, with a daughter in spirit. We find out that she has had a Near Death Experience. This makes her so much more relatable to us as we learn of her doubts before her Near Death Experience, even with the amazing abilities she was born with. She comforts parents who have been told that people sometimes have a choice as to whether they can return after their bodies have “died”. The choice offered to some NDErs tortures many parents who think their children chose to stay in “Heaven” rather than return. They are devastated thinking their children chose “death” over coming back. Isabella tells us that even though she had small children at the time, she would have chosen to stay. I’ve heard several mothers say this same thing. There is no blame for those who might choose to stay and we should not feel a whit of guilt that our child may have made that choice (and may not have). After giving us general messages of comfort and hope for about several minutes, Isabella starts in on the readings, giving us detailed messages from our children which are always “I love you. I’m so proud of you.”, etc. But, she delivers evidence with each message so we know it’s our child speaking.

When she’s bringing my friend Heather’s son through, after describing Ace to a T, she asks Heather if she found a spider. There’s a confused look for just a second, then the recognition hits her. Heather starts digging around saying “Hold on”.  Heather was packing for a trip she would be taking the next day. She felt compelled to remove a brooch from a coat of her grandmother’s and put it on her purse. Heather lives in a part of California where they rarely need winter coats. So, she had to go to a storage closet to get the brooch.  The brooch is… wait for it… a spider brooch (image below).

This is just one of the astounding things Isabella brought up. People are completely floored when Heather holds the spider brooch up to the screen.


For those skeptical of mediumship, as to whether it’s real or not, I challenge you to explain Suzanne’s knowledge of Tywana digging in the dirt (in Ohio in winter) or the crack in the Happy Thought Bubble. How could Isabella have any knowledge of the brooch Heather had found that very day? If you’re wondering whether synchronicities happen, think of the series of events that led to Suzanne being open enough for Shayna to drop in on Suzanne that day. Shayna knew we needed to hear from her and she found a way to get the message through.

I’ve had people tell me that mediumship is dangerous. I dare them to spend some time talking to someone like Isabella or Suzanne. They live in service to Spirit. They live to heal. When I wrote to Isabella thanking her for the messages of hope she thanked me for the opportunity because, since her NDE, just like Peter Panagore, she has dedicated her life to bringing messages of healing to people to make this journey just a little easier.


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  1. Evidence, evidence, evidence…and oh how they love their winding paths! Then the zinger…the LOVE comes popping out from behind every tree. We simply can’t not know. Thank you, Brian.

  2. Thank you, Brian. I have finally gotten over the need to include words of doubt for the sake of possible skeptics when I relate messages I have received from my dear son now in spirit. It is amazing what complicated paths they sometimes follow to get a message to us incarnate souls. I had a long facebook chat with my brother the other night. This man is not one whom most people would think of as spiritually liberated. Yet, he was totally receptive to my out-of-this-world stories. And my “contemplative” sister? She always seemed to have a coincidental explanation to messages from my son. It feels good to know the truth and be confident enough to express it to others.

  3. Hi Brian – When you connect all of these pieces and share them with all of us, you are also assisting Sprit! Thank you!