Day 1270- Evidence from Kat Baillie

Today, I attended a mediumship demonstration by my friend Kat Baillie. For two hours, with no compensation, she sat and delivered messages to parents desperate to hear from their children in these days immediately before Christmas. When I hear people say mediums are doing the Devil’s work, I wonder if any of those people have ever met anyone doing this work or seen them work. I watched the faces of parents as they change from deep grief to even a few smiles when their children deliver messages through Kat.

One of the validations in particular stood out for me, probably because I was able to get a visual. Kat tells a mother about an image she’s getting of a picture of angel wings, not an angel, just angel wings.  Kat describes it as colorful. The mother looks a little confused. Then, an expression of recognition washes over her face.

Thank you to Kat Baillie today for making reference to the Angel wings that my daughter was speaking about. On any given day, this would mean absolutely nothing to me as I don’t associate Angels with (my daughter) or see feathers routinely or anything like that. But Kat was saying it was just Angel wings (not an Angel) and there was GOLD around it. I just received this painting yesterday from a friend of my daughter’s (whom I have never met, and my daughter passed over 4 years ago!) I didn’t recall all the gold around it. It was only the second time this girl had ever contacted me so it was particularly neat that Kat picked up on this message today. By the way, no other medium has ever mentioned Angel wings so this is really significant evidence for me.

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