Day 1314- Proof of Life

Cynics ask for “proof” of an afterlife. Anyone who has spent any amount of time doing serious research knows there is an abundance of evidence. There is certainly enough evidence to meet the legal hurdle of “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you have probably heard me talk about the “SoulPhone”. I am on the Board of the SoulPhone Foundation and I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Gary Schwartz, a pioneer (the pioneer?) in physically connecting with our loved ones in spirit. Gary has scientifically tested mediums “proving” that mediumship is real. He is working on technology that would allow us to communicate with our loved ones directly, not relying on the medium to relay the message.

In this interview, Dr. Schwartz is speaking with Suzanne Giesemann, who I would call a friend since meeting her several times and Shayna dropping in on her often. Suzanne features Shayna in one of her presentations.

There is an abundance of evidence that we are more than these bodies, that we pre-date them and we will most certainly survive the death of the body. Dr. Schwartz is on the verge of providing undeniable proof. As he likes to say, this is like the first flight of the Wright Brothers. The SoulPhone isn’t ready for prime time. That first flight of an aircraft covered just 12 seconds and 120′. But, it proved flight was possible and today, we take air travel as a given.

Once public demonstrations of the SoulPhone are happening, in a few months, we will have as close to “proof” as anything I can think of.

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