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Day 1318- Just Your Ordinary Drop In

Shayna has dropped in on several people I know. Some are professional mediums, a few have been just ordinary people who are highly sensitive. A few weeks ago my friend, I’ll call her Carla because I did not get permission to share her personal information, started messaging me. She’s in Helping Parents Heal. We’ve come to believe our children are together on the other side. Whether they arranged our meetings on this side or our meetings on this side arranged theirs, we don’t know. Her daughter would have been a little older than Shayna. In connecting with her daughter, she began talking to the other kids also. Shayna talked back. So, she messaged me to verify some of the messages from Shayna. The most wild thing is I don’t golf anymore. I haven’t in years. The day before she sent this to me, I had commented to Tywana that when I get to heaven I’m going to do two things- play golf again and learn to play the guitar. The message opens with her asking me a question about golfing.

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