Day 1327- Thanks Again

Tywana and I watched Standoff with Laurence Fishburne last night. I’m a huge fan of Laurence. In this movie though, he plays the role of the villain, and one of the worst villains ever. He’s a contract killer after a little girl who witnessed one of his murders. A man that the girl has never met before takes on the responsibility of protecting the girl from Laurence’s character, thus the standoff.

Every time I see a movie with little girls it reminds me of my girls. I deeply identified with the role of the guy playing her protector. At one point in the movie, this is just hours after they had met, she gives him a big bear hug and I remembered what those were like.

Maybe that’s the trigger for the dream I had. Tywana and I were working in a nursery taking care of babies from infants up until about the age of two. Tywana works the church nursery once a month. In fact, today is her day to work in the nursery. Tywana kept giving the wrong children back to parents. She would see a parent come to pick up a child, just grab a child and hand it to the parent without matching the parent to the child. Why the parents didn’t realize they had the wrong kids, I do not know. At one point in the dream, a little girl around the age of two, hugged me around my neck and said “I love you.”

We got the kids all sorted out and it was time to go. We were in a huge building and I guess were parked on the other side. It was a nice day out so we took the nearest exit and walked around the building. As we walked, we talked about finances, what we had been through, and how things were slowly getting better. People were passing in all directions. Just then, I spotted Shayna walking with another little girl going into the building. Their path took them across our path. Shayna was about eight or nine years old. Her hair was in ponytails the way Tywana used to style it. She had on a blue denim dress. I know it had a scoop neck because, as she passed us, I saw from behind she had her name tattooed vertically on her back.

I turned to Tywana and I said “There’s Shayna. This is the first time we’ve seen her together.” I knew were in a dream and Shayna was “dead.” As she passed Shayna looked at us, smile and said two words. “Thanks again.” And the dream ended.

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