Day 1328- Why Do Mediums Charge So Much?

It’s a fair question to ask why mediums charge when they’re serving Spirit. Shouldn’t spiritual work be free? Hint: if you attend church, ask your pastor.

The mediums I’m aware of charge anywhere from $0-1,600 an hour. Maybe some charge more. I used to do work for a guy who charges $800-$1,275 per hour depending on whether you want to wait a year or only a few months to see him. Why? Because there is only one of him and he’s in demand worldwide. He has a television program, he does readings for Hollywood stars. He has to travel. He has to employ staff. He is bi-coastal with homes in New York and Los Angeles. Someone has to pay for all of that overhead. And he has to travel because it’s what people want. He simply could not afford to do readings for $150 an hour, even if he worked 24 hours a day.

If a person cannot afford a particular medium, It’s not right to blame the medium. I often hear people say “I can’t afford this person. It’s not fair.” I’ve rarely heard anyone say that about a plumber, or an electrician, or even a physician. Doctors are performing a vital, life-saving service. Yet, we know we have to pay them for their work.

In this world, we all need money. If a medium is going to spend all day doing readings, they are going to have to charge for their services. Their time is as valuable as anyone else’s. Time spent doing readings is time not spent earning money in other ways. It’s unrealistic to expect people doing readings full time to not charge money.

We all have to make decisions on what we can afford and not afford. Of course, some of us can’t afford even $10, or $20 and we still might really need that connection. If you feel like you really need a reading and absolutely cannot afford anything, it’s very likely you can find someone who will be willing and able to give it to you. Keep seeking. Keep in mind you do not necessarily have to go to a professional medium. I’ve had Shayna come through other parents, and through acquaintances I’ve met on Facebook. Visit a spiritualist church. Our local spiritualist church gives platform readings every Sunday. Once a month, you can get a reading for $10 from one of the congregation members. (note: I have had absolutely awful readings at our local spiritualist church- just my experience).

One of the side effects of my journey over the last 3-1/2 years is I have gotten to know many professional mediums. I’ve become friends with a few. They all are in this to serve. They all give back in various ways- free readings, discounted readings, speaking to groups for free, offering tickets to their events, and many more. Again, unless they are independently wealthy, or have a spouse who supports them, they have to charge money.

Alan Hugenot, a medium who has been tested and shown to be the real deal, an NDE survivor, Naval architect, author, and professor, wrote a great article about why he had to start charging for readings even after saying he never would. Alan has also written two books that I recommend. People kept asking him for readings. He finally gave in and started giving public readings. But, he has to charge. He explains why in a paragraph I have taken from his article. This gives you a little insight into the expenses a professional medium incurs. The trip he mentions is a trip he takes for training.

Just that one week a year costs me over $5,000, and it is not a vacation… So, just to pay for that trip uses up the income from the first 40 mediumship clients. Then I am also taking time away from my career as a Naval Architect to travel to England, losing another $6,640 which uses up the income from an additional 53 mediumship clients. Finally, each of those 93 half hour clients takes away at least an hour of my time from my career as a Naval Architect, which is another $7,719 of lost income, which uses up the fees from yet an additional 62 readings. So, I will finally begin to “break even” (be where I was if I simply worked as a Naval Architect and forgot about mediumship) after the first 155 paid readings, which requires me to book and do three readings a week all year long, before I make the first nickel as a medium. So “free readings” aren’t at all free.

Alan Hugenot-

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