Day 1335- A Dime a Dozen

I’ve been getting more signs and synchonicities than, I can keep up with. I try to journal the big ones. Today, after Tywana had done the dishes and left the house, I was doing something in the kitchen near the sink. At the bottom of the sink was a dime. In the picture, you can see the dishwater had just drained out.

My inclination is to try to find a logical, physical answer first. Finding a dime in the washing machine or the dryer is common. We leave them in our pockets, they end up in the machine, no great mystery. We typically don’t handle money around the sink though and dimes don’t fly through the air. I have no natural, physical explanation for why I found this dime there. A few weeks ago, after Tywana had gone down to her office, I was coming down the stairs and there was a dime on the landing. When Shayna passed, I heard about people finding pennies. Pennies are too common. I asked for dimes. And, we get dimes. I’ll never forget the first one. Are these apports?I report, you decide.

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  1. Hi Brian —
    What a pleasure to interview Kat for the Grief and Rebirth podcast today. After the interview, we chatted a bit and your name came up….besides finding dimes, were your ears “tingling” around 1:30 today?

    Kat spoke about a project the two of you are working on that may provide a wonderful podcast interview for you and me one day. Food for thought!