Day 1345- Medium Reading- Michelle Clare

Michelle Clare is a medium recently certified by Mark Ireland’s certification program. Michelle is interested in working with Helping Parents Heal and was kind enough to offer a complimentary reading to me.

Michelle is an intuitive life coach as well as a medium. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her as it had an abundance of evidence to show she had a true mediumship connection. Some mediums just deliver vague fluffy messages. Some will just reel off evidence. The best mediums balance evidence with messages of love and hope. In addition to making the connection with Shayna, she gave me useful guidance about my life that brought me peace.

She began by saying Shayna is very high energy, very bright. She said that Shayna sends many signs, feathers, coins, dream visits, etc. She mentioned license plates and said that she thought I might not have noticed those. (She was spot on with the coins (specifically dimes some of which seem to magically appear). I told her I would have to look for the license plates.)

She then said there is a car connection. She said maybe someone was getting a new car or just got one or something. (This is also common in readings with Shayna. She was six weeks short of being 15-1/2, the age in Ohio when you can get your temps. In a mediumship development exercise I was in last weekend, Shayna came through with the car connection to one of the people trying to pick up on her. This comes up in almost every reading.)

Then she said “You’ve almost become a life coach for other people.” (This struck me because my friend Kat Baillie directed me to a life coaching course a couple of weeks ago. I had never spoken with her about becoming a life coach. Taking this as a possible sign, I bought the course and started taking it. A couple of days after I started, I had a meeting with George Kao. I am enrolled in a program with George called MasterHeart on building authentic businesses. This was the first time I had spoken with George one-on-one. Unprompted, George mentioned that he thought I would be a good life coach. A couple of days after that, I had a meeting with a life coach, it was a session that she offered just to get feedback on her services. She said that she thought I was already doing life coaching. So, Michelle was the fourth person in less than two weeks who said either they think I am a life coach or should study life coaching. Three of them had no idea I had just enrolled in this course.)

Michelle told me that Shayna was telling her Tywana and I are more than Shining Light parents. She said we are more like beacons. She said that Shayna says she looks like her Mom.( I’m looking at a picture taken just a few weeks before Shayna’s passing. It’s Tywana, Shayna, and Kayla. Same high cheekbones. Striking resemblances.)

Michelle mentioned water and the ocean. (We don’t live anywhere near the ocean or water. But, the girls loved the ocean. They wanted to go every year. They would stay in the water for hours and hours. Michelle mentioned a crane, which has no significance to me. She said Shayna mentioned Florida. We took a couple of trips to Florida, one to Disney World they were 8 and 11 and one to Destin.) Michelle said in a future trip to the ocean we will find a white feather, possibly from a crane.

She said Shayna has an electronic connection with me. (Shayna loved technology. She always wanted the latest phone. She loved video games. She and I were the ones who would play together for hours. She sends me signs through my phone. I told Michelle about the time my computer was down mysteriously for two days. It simply would not boot. All of the files were there. It wasn’t a hard drive crash. I tried troubleshooting for two days. My Mac consultant said it was time for a new computer. Then, just as I had given up on it, it started working again. That was over a year ago. I relayed this story to Michelle. About then is when my image on the screen froze. Michelle couldn’t see me through the Zoom conference we were using. I tried shutting down other programs, but my entire computer had locked up. I couldn’t even shut things down. This went on for two or three minutes. Then, I got the message “Your internet connection is unstable.” I use Zoom several times a week, sometimes several times a day. I had done a Zoom the day before. I did a Zoom the evening after. It’s usually very reliable and stable. But, just as we were talking about Shayna sending signs electronically this happened. Then, it was back to normal and we continued the reading.)

Michelle said she was getting the initial K. Then, without hesitation, she said the name Kayla. She said she feels Shayna is around Kayla all the time. If Kayla isn’t a sister, she said, Kayla is as close as a sister. She felt like a best friend.

She went on to say Kayla has some mediumship skills. (This is absolutely true.) She said in spite of the fact Kayla’s connection to Shayna is so strong that developing those skills would clear up their connection even more.

She asked if Shayna had a blood disorder. (She did not. But, she did have an autoimmune disorder- rheumatoid arthritis. She asked if Shayna passed from this. I told her no. She could not get the cause of Shayna’s passing. This is not unusual Shayna doesn’t usually give it.)

Michelle tells me she has been hearing a song “Peace Be Still” by Lauren Daigle. (I’ve never heard of the song or Lauren Daigle.)She tells me that the theme for our conversation today is peace. Shayna is praying peace over us. She says when Shayna crossed over, she felt peace, love, and compassion immediately. Michelle is getting an overwhelming sensation of love as Shayna lets her know what it feels like. (As I complete this write-up three days after the reading, I realize this is another one of those things that didn’t make sense at the time but does now. Tywana and I were watching TV last night. For the first time ever we watched some of “World of Dance”. We switched from that to watch a movie. When the movie was over, “World of Dance” was still on and a couple of the upcoming dancers looked interesting. So, we decided to continue watching rather than watching something we had recorded like we normally would. A group came on and danced to a song by Lauren Daigle. It wasn’t Peace Be Still. But, I had intended to listen to the song. Due to the craziness of the week, I hadn’t had the chance. People often claim mediums are doing cold readings or hot readings. Some surely do. But, when they come up with hits like this- future things- someone explain that to me. I had never watched this television program. That had to happen. I had never heard of Lauren Daigle and only recognized her name because Michelle had told me about this song.)

She says Tywana will have dream visits coming up in the next two weeks or in the past two weeks. Tywana and Shayna are so strongly connected the dream visits are so real that Tywana does not want to let go. So, she might not be allowed to or able to remember how the dream ends. (Tywana had a dream visit with Shayna within the last two weeks.)

Getting six weeks. Six weeks a birthday or anniversary. We don’t have either coming up in six weeks. Then, she says maybe six weeks in the past. Shayna’s birthday was almost exactly six weeks ago.

She sees inner strength in Tywana. Being shown a pillar. Mentions Tywana’s connection to God being like a pillar.

Dog connection. Shayna is on the other side with a dog. (Chloe crossed the rainbow bridge when Shayna was about five years old.) Michelle asks if we have a dog here, too. (We have two). She asks if the dog stares into space. Stevie does all the time. We’ve thought it was Shayna visiting. Michelle says Shayna and Chloe are visiting and we should ask for a sign that we can see while she’s here.)

She says Shayna helps other children transition. (We have heard this more than once before).

She said Shayna keeps bringing up Florida. (We had a couple of very fun vacations there. The girls love the beach. And, Shayna’s last full week was the national volleyball tournament in Florida, where she stayed on a resort, and Tywana spoiled her for a week.)

She said Shayna is very much an old soul, wise beyond her years. (She always was.) She asks me “Do you write? I see you doing something with your hands. I know you use the computer a lot.” I tell her I do write. She tells me that Shayna uses me as a channel or conduit. (Suzanne Giesemann told me that Shayna says she writes through me and she’s a better writer than I am.)

Shayna now wants to talk about Kayla. She says they are still best friends. She says Kayla struggles to be able to live life when Shayna cannot. May have “survivor’s guilt”. Shayna’ message is that Shayna is experiencing life through Kayla, living vicariously. She wants Kayla to not hold back and to do things for both of them. She says this summer there will be a change in Kayla’s job. (Kayla graduates in May and her job is babysitting two little girls. That will come to an end when she leaves Toledo.) Says Kayla will excel at her profession because of her compassion. (She doesn’t know that Kayla’s chosen profession is mental health, especially working with children.) Says her mediumship/intuition will make her successful in her job.

She says I need balance in my life. I need to not take on too much. She sees a guy with plates twirling on them. (I have had this same image). She says I need to learn to say no from a place of love. (I just quit one volunteer job and I feel guilty about it.) She says there will be more opportunity with Helping Parents Heal. In the next two months she sees things starting to clear up. (That timing aligns with that I think I’m beginning to see happening. I will have completed my life coaching certification, my joint project will either have launched or it’ll be time to put it aside, and I hope to be able to drop one of my moonlighting gigs).

Just then, Michelle gets the message on her Zoom “Your internet connection is unstable”. She says this is a message for me that I need to seek balance and not take on so much.

Says that Tywana has a lot of her mind. Sees the color green, heart chakra. Some worries. More than normal. (I’m not 100% sure on this. But, we do have a friend going through a health scare. It might be that.) Tells her to look for dream visits. Many more are coming. Also, look for butterflies. more than normal.

p.s.- during the reading Michelle and I talked about signs. I told her I have asked Shayna to stop sending me signs that cost me money. Once my computer suddenly stopped working for two days. After consulting my support guy, he determined I needed to buy a new one. I piddled around with it a little more and, inexplicably, it started working again. That same week, a GFI outlet stopped working. After I called the electrician, I decided to give it one more try. It too started working. So, neither actually cost me money. During the reading, Both Michelle and I experienced unstable connections. Then, that evening, Kayla texts me this picture. She was making chewy bars and set the pan on the counter, as she always does. A few minutes later she heard an explosion. Shayna!

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