Day 1347- Medium Reading- Danielle Hope Wolfe

I sat for a test reading with a medium- Danielle Hope Wolfe. Danielle may have been told my first name. But, she had no other information about me. She set up a Zoom meeting for us to meet and Mark Ireland emailed the meeting information to me. I did not know who the reading would be with until I joined the Zoom and saw her name. I did not recognize her name.

The reading was about an hour. Right out of the gate, she felt my maternal grandmother coming through. She knew she had been like an extension of my mother. My grandmother lived with us from the time I was around the age of 6 until she passed when I was 21. She knew she had had a lot of children (10). She felt one of her sons with her, said his death felt tragic, then exclaimed: “Was he murdered?”. She knew about the frustration with the police. I felt they didn’t do much to solve his murder.

When Shayna came through, she described her as beautiful and angelic. She used that word repeatedly. Then, she asked if I had a daughter in spirit. Coincidentally, a few weeks ago, Tywana bought a painting of Shayna, as an angel. It’s hanging in our family room.


She said she saw me kneeling over Shayna praying. She saw me kneeling at my bed praying. Praying over Tywana. All of this happened the day Shayna passed. I took her from her bed to put her on the floor (a hard surface) to do CPR. I prayed as I knelt over her. When the paramedics arrived. I knelt and prayed in my bedroom, with Tywana, as they worked on her. This was the last time I knelt to pray.

She knew approximately how long it had been since Shayna has passed. She estimated five years. It will be four years in three months.

When she sensed Shayna in spirit, she told me she shifted the reading to be more of messages than evidence. Even though she was being scored, she threw that out of the window. We had a conversation and she gave me a lot of healing messages and encouragement. She knew I was a writer. She knew I was writing a book. She has written a book and gave me tips on writing and publishing.

She saw “Princess and the Frog” in her mind’s eye and asked me if Tywana’s name is Tiana. No one has ever gotten that close to Tywana’s name. She saw me standing in front of men guiding them in marriage, in a church. Tywana and I participated in the pre-marital ministry at the Vineyard for several years.

She did get a couple of things wrong. She thought we have four children. We only have two. But, I am one of four and my brother has four. She sensed that Tywana or I have a brother in spirit. Even though one other medium insisted I have a brother in spirit and asked me to ask my mother if she had had a miscarriage. I do not know of a brother in spirit. (correction- this is why it’s important to have someone else listen to your reading. When Tywana listened to the recording, she reminded me she has a brother who was stillborn over 40 years ago. Her mother was pregnant with triplets. Two were born alive. I forgot about her brother in spirit). So, she was right about that, too.

Overall, I gave her a score of 86% accuracy with 12 bonus points, bringing her final score to 98%. More important than the percentages though was the reading had more than enough evidence to convince me that she was genuinely connecting coupled with healing and encouraging messages and a genuine conversation.

Recently, Jon Oliver published a program about psychics and how they are all fakes. Tellingly, at the beginning, he admitted he wasn’t going to go over the pros and cons of psychics because there are no arguments for any of this being real. He selectively chose examples where psychics were stunningly wrong or just flat out faking it with cold or hot reading techniques. It was a hit-job and a pretty poor one that that. I’m a fairly experienced sitter. There was no possibility of a hot reading (looking things up) in this situation because there was zero contact between Danielle and myself up until the moment we joined the Zoom call. Cold reading is not going to give you the fact that my uncle was murdered, that I’m writing a book, Tywana’s name, or the fact that I taught in a premarital ministry. And, these are just some of the highlights.