Day 1376- Snowflakes

I’ve been having a running debate with a friend about whether they are special. This person makes a living doing something most of us can’t do- they communicate with people on the Other Side and deliver those messages to loved ones. I know many mediums and most say that we can all do what they do. Maybe, maybe not- eventually, with training and practice. Today? No.

I have another friend who is a voice instructor. He claims that if you can speak, he can teach you to sing. I wish I lived close enough to take him up on his challenge. I’m pretty sure I’d be the exception to his rule. I love music but I can’t sing a note.

This is the thing. While we all have some innate abilities, we are not all the same when it comes to the amount of talent we have or how we have developed it. Duane might be right that he can teach me to sing. But, it’s safe to say I was not born with the talent of singing nor have I developed it to this point. While it might be true that all human beings are intuitive to a certain extent, it’s also true that the vast majority of cannot communicate with the clarity and accuracy of professional mediums.  Some people communicated with spirits their whole lives. Some have had experiences that leave them with enhanced abilities. Almost every medium I know trains to develop the talent they have.  When it comes to what we can do today, we are not all the same.

As I was debating my friend, I found myself agreeing that we are all the same, as they were saying. They insist they are nothing special. They say we can all exactly what they can do. However, while we are all the same, we are, at the same time, all unique. The image of a snowflake came to mind. Snowflakes are all basically the same in that they are made of ice crystals. They are similar in size. They are cold. They fall from the sky. But, each snowflake is formed in a way that makes it different from all the others. Same stuff, different configuration.

We are all of equal value. We are all immensely powerful beings, beyond what most of us can fathom. However, we have different abilities and we are each in different places on our journey. I was told this week the difference between a “higher level” spiritual being and a lower level one is how much each remembers/realizes their true Self. We are all inherently the same. Rising to a higher level isn’t a matter of getting better, it’s a matter of knowing and accepting who you already are. All the same, and all different, at the same time.


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