Day 139- Liberating Jesus and Liberating Me

A few days ago I listened to a Podcast by an author that I have been reading. Her Podcast reviewed her life as a lifelong Christian and how at the age of around 62 she came to the realization she would have to choose Jesus or choose Christianity. And, when I say choose Jesus, I mean choose the teachings of Jesus. She had become burned out on the Bible, had put it down for a long time and then came back to it reading the words of Jesus only and saw it in a whole new light.

This reminded me of the transformation I went through about 15 years ago. I struggled with Christianity but held onto it for dear life. Listening to Roberta and how she phrased “giving her life to God” after a lifetime of being a Christian and finally rediscovering Jesus made me realize maybe I had held onto the label too long, too.

I wrote an email to Roberta and we have become email pen pals. I am now reading her book Liberating Jesus. I feel that I am being called to something. Some tell me I should run for office. Some tell me I should become a minister. Some say I should write a book. Right now I don’t know what that looks like. So, for today, I will get up every day and try to figure out what God wants from me today and trust that taking one step at a time will take me to where I need to go.

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