Day 1402- Taking The Leap

I find myself standing on a ledge. The ledge is made of ice. It’s about six feet across. As I look down, to the icy water below, I see it’s 30-40 feet down. I’m in a pit that’s several hundred yards across. I look up. There is a sheer rock wall going up about 15 feet.

There is a woman in the water, doing a meditation practice I presume. She’s wearing a one piece black bathing suit and keeps going under and floating there. I noticed the water has chunks of ice in it. It must be freezing. But, I’m perfectly warm. I’m looking for a way out. I can’t climb the cliff. It’s straight up and rock. I can’t climb down, the iceberg I am standing on is also a sheer face.

I will have to jump. I can survive the fall. It’s higher than I’m comfortable jumping from. But, it’s not going to kill me. My concern is the cold water. Will I be able to swim to share in that frigid water?

How did I get here? I didn’t climb up. Did I jump down? Why would I do that? And why can’t I remember? As I look up at the sheer wall above me, Then, it dawns on me. This is a dream. I remember that if you find yourself in a place and you don’t know how you got there, it’s a dream. Easy. I’ll just wake up.

As I take my eyes from the wall back down to the water, I realize the scene has shifted.  It’s no longer 30-40 feet to the water; it’s several hundred feet. And the water isn’t water anymore; it’s a city block. It’s concrete. Now, there is no jumping off. There is a guy across from me on the same ledge which is no longer ice, but rock. I see him leap.

Down and down and down he goes I wonder if he’ll disappear as he wakes up or if he’ll hit the ground and splat. What happens to him will determine what I do next. He strikes the ground feet first. His knees buckle. His hand touches the ground. Then, he stands up and walks away.

I’m going to jump… And, then I wake up. But, I wake up in another dream where I am telling people about how lucid my dreams have become.


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