Day 148- Life is a Classroom Not a Playground

I think most of us would say a primary reason or goal at least for our lives that we live is to “be happy” or to have fun. I don’t know if this is a modern thought or not. Our ancestors had to be a lot more concerned about survival than entertainment. We lead fairly leisurely lives and I think this has led to the tendency to believe life should be easy. Life should be fun. We should be happy. Life is a playground, an amusement park (one of my favorite Jem songs is “Live is Just a Ride”. Well, I’m rethinking that.

I’m starting to believe the fun, the playground is not here. This is the classroom. We are here to learn lessons. We are here to take tests. We are here to grow and to test our mettle. Christianity taught me it was a pass/fail one question test. “Do you believe in Jesus?” Yes- go directly to heaven and rest forever. No- go directly to eternal punishment. That was it. One question. Yes or No. End of test.

It’s not that simple. We are each here working on a highly individualized lesson plan. How we do on that test has implications not just on our current circumstance, but on what happens when the bell rings for us and if we have to come back to repeat our lessons. Insights into the afterlife, or more appropriately the life between lives, are revealing a more detailed and complex place than I ever dreamed of. This comes from several sources including contact with the dead (not NDEs) and from between life hypnotic regressions. Skipping through life as if it’s a playground is not something I want to do. I want to get these lessons down and not have to repeat a grade. While there is a lot here to amuse me, right now I’m not so sure I want to come back to this school of hard knocks. My friend Roberta Grimes has described Earth as an inner city kindergarten. We come here to learn basic lessons and we can learn really quickly here, but it’s a tough neighborhood.

For me, time to buckle down and get these lessons. I’m studying to show myself approved as Paul said. I’m going to focus on what the plan was so that when I sit down for that life review which we all have I can graduate to the next grade.

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