Day 15- The Call from the Funeral Home-Shayna is back with us

It’s been exactly one week since Shayna’s Celebration. We went to the funeral home the next day so Kayla could say one more good-bye to what had been Shayna’s body. I say had been because Shayna departed that (beautiful) shell two weeks ago. We had Her body cremated and we knew this call would be coming. I could not bring myself to ask when it would happen. Today we got the call “Shayna is back with us from the crematorium. You can come by and pick her up any time.”

Strangely, that did not hit me as hard as I expected. In spite of the euphemism, Shayna was not back with them. If Shayna were there I’d be there immediately to get her. Shayna has changed forms. Like a butterfly that emerges from a cocoon, Shayna shed that body and didn’t look back.

There is a sense of relief that all of the arrangements are in the past. At some point we will pick up her remains, but we have time and we will take time. We are all going to get momentos to keep. But, Shayna will live on with us in spirit. Our relationship in the flesh is over.

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