Day 152- Medium Reading Test Results

I got back the results of the test I did with the medium a couple of weeks ago.  In case you didn’t read that, I did a reading with a medium under pretty strict controlled conditions.  I am a believer that mediums are for real. There are a lot of people who aren’t very good. And there are some outright frauds. But, there are some genuinely gifted people, too. I am convinced of this. I know of at least two people who are working to certify mediums so that you can have faith the one you visit is legit.

This was to be a test to see if she could prove she could read my loved one. I thought she did amazingly well on a purely subjective level. Today I got back the results as scored by the person doing the certification.

Hi Brian,

I just finished grading the reading the medium did for you and the results were really compelling. I do think you got a little generous with some of the bonus points and didn’t count them all in terms of allotting extra points, however I still gave them credit as regular hits. She scored 93% accurate while still counting the “Tony/Anthony” statement as incorrect.  Of the statements you graded as being deserving of bonus points I counted the following:

-Shayna’s love of animals: Normally I wouldn’t consider something like this for bonus points because a lot of people like/love animals. But since she volunteered at the zoo and wanted to be a Vet, I saw this as significant.

-The “El” name.


-Beautiful light: Pretty amazing that this is the meaning of her name!

-Piano and “diligence”. 

-The “Ka” name.

-Visitation to Kayla in dreams.

-Buddha statues.

-Rocking chair.

-The name “Robert”.

-The fact that she wrote on herself.

All in all it appears that you had a really good session and I hope it brought some healing to you and your family.  Knowing this took place under controlled conditions should help the skeptical side of your mind too.

Take care, Mark

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