Day 154- Dream of Home

Last night I watched the NBC live production of The Wiz before retiring. I then listened to the Steohanie Mills version of “Home” before going to bed. Something about that story touches me so much. The Wizard of Oz has been my favorite movie since I was a small child.

As I slept I found myself in a dream where I was a young woman and I was out for a run. My name was Alexa. This is the first time I remember dreaming and being someone else, ever. My spirit guide, Fred was with me (after I woke up I recognized Fred was the character from the show Drop Dead Diva). Fred was talking to me as I jogged along. Suddenly I felt very sleepy and light headed. I decided to Lay down in the pavement and rest for a minute. As I did, I could feel Fred’s body lying on top of me covering me like a warm blanket. Then he said “We’re just going to slip out of this body now.” And the next thing I knew I felt myself coming back up and out of my body and was standing beside it as it was laying there on the ground. I felt so light. Not so much physically, but all of the worries about what was broken and needed fixing, what needed to be done, how much money I had or needed to make. All were gone in an instant. You see when I imagine heaven I think if I could shed two things, the worry about money and the worry about time to get the things needed to be done to make money, life would be just about perfect. I wake up every morning and after I think about Shayna, the first thoughts in my head are “What needs to be fixed?” “What do I need to get done today?” and “I’m so tired.” One of the reasons I’m such an early riser is so I can start “Getting things done.” In an instant I knew what that felt like and it was glorious.

Death was easy. It wasn’t scary. Not even a little. It was like stepping out of my body was as natural and easy as taking off a coat.

I started walking up the road and the scene morphed into a road in front of a house where a man and a woman came out to meet me. I had never seen them before, but instantly knew they were my Mom and Dad. They both yelled at the same time “Alexa’s home!” And came running toward me. I was overcome with emotion. Peace, unconditional love. I felt this in my dream. It was so intense I could feel it in my body.

Then I woke up and cried.

The End.

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