Day 155- Dream of Home Destroyed

As I slept last night, my subconscious this time instead of taking me to a place of rest took me to a place of turmoil. I came up the street to my house returning from a run and noticed the roof tiles of some neighbors houses were coming of due to a pretty stiff breeze. As I came up the hill to my house I saw that not only had some tiles blown off the entire front of the house had been stripped away by what was an apparent tornado, even though the wind wasn’t nearly strong enough to do that kind of damage. As I stood there, crying out “Not my house too!” in reference to my house being taken as well as Shayna, I saw from the rubble, Stevie running out of the house and into my arms. Well, at first I thought it was Stevie. As she came closer, I realized it was my dear Chloe, who passed away 11 years ago. Wow. I haven’t dreamt of her much. Then, came Zoe out of the house. At least they were safe.

The End.

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