Day 1584- I’ve Got To Use My Imagination

I’ve really got to use my imagination

To think of good reasons

To keep on keepin’ on (keep on keepin’ on)- Gladys Knight


Imagination- what do you think of when you hear that word? My friend Kat Baillie and I had a little debate about this. Kat is an amazing professional medium. For her, imagination is pictures in your mind; only pictures. For me, my imagination extends to all senses. 

The conversation started because I have had mediums tell me they work primarily in a realm where they feel the mediums feel they are imagining what they are getting. Since there are several “clairs,” as the mediums call them, this would be limiting if it were only pictures- that would be clairvoyance. Mediums often work with multiple senses, sight, sound, smells, even just “knowing.” 

Different States of Consciousness

Mediums work in different states of consciousness. I have to say that there are different types of mediumship- mental mediumship, trance mediumship, and physical mediumship, to name three. When I made my comment about how mediums work, I was talking about mental mediums, which are most familiar to most people. However, all mediums are different. They get their information in various ways.

Now, let’s go back to mediums and working in imagination. Imagination, for me, is not limited to pictures at all. For me, in my imagination, I can hear voices. For example, if I’m reading a book by someone I know, I hear the book in their voice. It’s not audible, as if they’re in the room speaking to me. It’s that voice inside my head when I’m thinking; only it’s in their voice. I can imagine how a strawberry tastes. I don’t taste it on my tongue. But, I can recall it. I can imagine I’m eating a strawberry and have the remembrance of the rough seeds and smooth innards on my tongue, the tartness mixed with the sweet.

This is about different levels of consciousness. We are talking about objective versus subjective. When I say “imagination,” I’m referring to something subjective; as in when we have a thought- something we clearly know is “in our head.”

Dreams versus Imagination

As we were talking, we got onto the subject of dreams. I brought it up because the dream state is, for me, beyond imagination. It’s not subjective.

I had had an extremely vivid dream the night before. I had driven downtown. I parked in a garage and was walking somewhere. But, I forgot where I was going and I had no idea where I was. I remember grabbing a light pole next to me because I felt dizzy. I felt the pole in my hand. I felt my feet on the pavement as I rocked back and forth. I could feel pressure in my toes, then heels. In the dream, I was rushing through a doorway; a guy was coming in the other direction. We brushed into each other. I felt him, as our shoulders touched. I heard him tell me to watch where I was going. The dream experience is objective. I felt as if everything was coming in from the outside “real” world. At this point, the dream went lucid. I realized that since I was so dizzy, lost, could barely walk, and had no memory of where I had come from or where I was going; I must be in a dream. However, even when I realized I was dreaming, the dream Brian had no conscious connection with the Brian back in bed. 

When we are imagining, at some level, we are still aware of the connection to our bodies. When we hit the dream level of consciousness, it’s as if our dream self is independent of our physical person. We feel things, we hear, we see, as if with our physical organs.

Where Is the Real Self?

You could say the body is necessary to sustain the dream self. But, the dream person is not aware that the body in the bed exists. When I was in that dream, even when it became lucid to the point I knew I was dreaming, I didn’t know who Brian in the bed was. I knew he existed. But, I couldn’t feel him. Is it possible that we are in a dream state now with our “real selves”, our higher selves safe somewhere while we are here?

To Be Continued

So what? These are just early morning musings, as in something that struck me in bed at 4:44 this morning. Kat and I are going to have a conversation about consciousness and mediumship on my podcast. Maybe we’ll get some more clarity and help people understand how mediumship and consciousness work.


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  1. Brian, I love the way you write and I am enjoying your podcast tremendously. I feel that you and I are on complementary paths; we are both sharing amazing insights and stories to help and enlighten people.
    There is also an aspect of “living consciously” that I talk about in my book They Serve Bagels in Heaven. I’ll look forward to learning more from your exchange with Kat!
    And I’m also very much looking forward to “meeting” you and Ty in person in S.C!!
    From my heart, Irene