Day 1588- Let’s Make Reality A Little Easier to See

Connection. The more you are aware of this between you and all things, all people, the more peace, joy, and love you will experience in your life.

Separation. The more you see this as the truth of your existence , the more isolation and desolation you will feel.

Perspective is all-important. Looking at the surface, you cannot help but see separation, but that is learned behavior. You have grown accustomed to seeing with your physical eyes only and believing what you see. Look beneath the surface. May your physical eyes, if you must use them, become microscopes. Peer deeper, deeper, deeper … Aha! What just happened? To do this, you had to switch eyes. You used the eyes of imagination, thus switching to the inner eye. If you did not have this inner eye, you could not have visualized anything but blackness, yet you saw something, did you not? There is more to life than what you behold before you. Go within and intuit your soul’s innate connection with all that is, and know that where there is connection, there is love, for love is lack of separation. You are not alone. You never have been. You are This … Love.

The above was channeled by my friend, Suzanne Giesemann. It’s wisdom she downloads daily and publishes on her Facebook page. It was published today, October 29, 2019. For more like this, follower her on

The fact that we are connected is the message I’ve been hearing over the last several years as my spiritual journey has intensified. It is the message we hear from mystics, from near death experiencers, from mediums, and from those who have had spiritually transformative experiences. And, it is what I truly believe.

Why is it so hard for me, and many others, to internalize this message? Is it because it’s completely countercultural when it comes to the society I grew up in? America is a dog eat dog country. Your worth is determined by what you can produce. If you can’t produce enough, learn to produce more, or you don’t deserve to live. This is the message I’ve always gotten.

Just a few days ago I saw that someone had posted there were a few things we should all be able to agree with: 1.) That everyone deserves housing. 2.) That everyone deserves food 3.) That everyone deserves healthcare. A guy who said that he agrees and wasn’t offering any argument then went onto say, “Except for illegals.” I also hear people saying that if you have a job that doesn’t pay enough for you to live, you should educate yourself and get a better job. I guess they don’t realize that by saying this, what they are implying is: “The work is necessary. But, the person doing it doesn’t deserve to be paid a living wage.”

We come to this place to experience duality, to have hardships, to learn to push back. And, I believe we come to try to make it a better place. But, maybe the experiment has gotten a bit out of control. Too many of us feel alone because that is the message our society sends us. If you’re feeling alone, know this, you’re not alone in feeling that way. I know far too many people who are struggling to feel worthy and loved. They have forgotten their inherent worth. And they feel everyone else has, too.

This morning, a friend lamented that she was ready to give up. The struggle has become too much. There have been too many setbacks. She’s looking for a way to make some extra income. I offered her some words of encouragement. But, there was nothing I could really do for her. Just minutes after I saw her post, someone reached out to me with a business opportunity that was not for me. Divine timing? I don’t know. But, I started a chat and connected the two of them. I hope it works out.

Let’s all work to make the reality of our connectedness a reality to every one of us, not just on a deep, internal level that we have to struggle to see and keep in our minds and hearts. Let’s work to make it readily apparent to all. Today, make a commitment to make someone feel that connection.

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  1. Hi Brian —
    I totally relate to every word. And I totally believe that help came through to you for your friend. I have also experienced this. Yes we are all connected!.