Day 159- Christmas- Wake Me When It’s Over

Its December 9th.  12 more days until the darkest day of the year.  I detest winter. I detest December. The reason why we celebrate Christmas on December 25th isn’t because the Baby Jesus was born on that day. The reason we celebrate it around December 21st is that is the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.  Long before we started celebrating Christmas on that day, pagans brought evergreens and lights into their homes around that time to try to bring some life to a God-awful time of year.

Yesterday, my brothers and sister were discussing the gift exchange for that side of our family.  One of my brothers brought up an idea to do something different with Shayna’s present this year. I’m not sure what.  I just can’t deal with that this year. I told them to work it out and talk to Ty about it. Rude. I know.  I’m sorry. i just don’t have the energy to be polite right now.  

I wake up in a funk every morning. I can’t wait to go to bed every night. The sun is one of the things that keeps me moving through this world and this time of year in Ohio it’s a rarity to see it.

In a few more days we will reach the winter solstice and the days will slowly start getting longer.  Spring cannot get here fast enough.

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