Day 16- Is Shayna a Big Sister Now?

My friend Robert sent this to me via Facebook four days ago:

I saw your girl, last night, in a dream. She seems to have found her “favorite place” in Heaven. She is the BEST Big Sister EVER to the “unwanted” children who got there way before they should have. She was running, playing, hiding, flying, rolling, laughing. I only know her from pictures but I am sure it was her. She is fine. She is more than fine. So are you.

Then, today Kayla tells us she had another dream about Shayna.  Kayla is not on Facebook and would have no idea what Robert wrote.

In Kayla’s dream, she was in the basement.  We have a room underneath the stairs. She saw a bright light in the room and these little kids started coming out of the door. The kids wouldn’t speak to Kayla, but they were scaring her.  Then Shayna emerged. Shayna told her to not worry about the kids, they were just projections and couldn’t hurt her. Shayna seemed to be teaching or leading the kids.  Shayna hugged Kayla, took her by the hand and led her back out of the room and then Kayla woke up.  

Interestingly, while Shayna is a leader, she is not really big on little kids.  Or at least she hadn’t been.  

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