Day 1619-Shayna Playing On My Phone Again

Shayna always played this game with me on my iPhone. I would typically have a picture of the two girls as my lock screen picture. Shayna would unlock my phone and replace their picture with a picture of her solo. Just a few weeks before she passed, or maybe even on a few days, she changed it to a selfie she had taken after she got her hair cut for the first (and last) time. That picture remains on my phone as the lockscreen today. She finally won the game.

Shayna has sent me several signs using my phone. This is probably the craziest one. I don’t use Apple’s Podcast app to listen to podcasts anymore. But, one day, for some reason, I opened the app and looked at my podcast. The cover image for the podcast instead of being my podcast cover was a picture I took of Shayna when she was about two years old. It’s one of my favorite pictures of her. She is building a tower with giant Lego type blocks. There is this look of determination on her face as she looked up to the block she was affixing to the top of the tower, over her head. I believe that was the day I said that I hoped she used her significant power for good, not evil.

I was flabbergasted and in a bit of a panic. I hadn’t used this image on a podcast. I certainly didn’t change my podcast cover to this image. I went to iTunes and checked my podcast site. The image was fine. I went to my podcast host and checked. The image was fine. I checked the other podcast apps on my phone, Overcast and Castbox. All fine.

It’s several weeks later. If I look at my podcast on my phone, the cover for my podcast is that picture of Shayna and every episode has that picture as it’s artwork as well.

What It Should Look Like


On My Phone Only



This is what the podcast should look like


What it looks like on my phone

This is Diana Blum’s episode. You can see above, the image should be a picture of Diana.

This is Diana Blum’s episode. You can see two photos above, the image should be a picture of Diana.