Day 1661- Synchronicities versus Signs

I talk a lot about signs because when we lose someone precious to us, we look for any indication they are around. Signs are often a subset of synchronicities, which some call “God winks.” I call them “Easter eggs” a reference to little surprises programmers put into video games for the player. More and more, the analogy of a video game make sense to me for what we experience in this physical level of All That Is.

I had a couple of interesting synchronicities yesterday. I switched hosting platforms for my website recently because I was with a one-man shop and didn’t know how I’d handle things if this dude got hit by a bus. He was supposed to give me a plan. But, since he didn’t get around to it, I switched. After a ton of research I decided to go with SiteGround for my WordPress website.

Two days ago it dawned on me that even though I had switched to the new provider, I hadn’t figured out how to recover my site in case of disaster. I didn’t talk to anyone about it, didn’t Google it. I just had the thought. Yesterday, across my phone flashes a notification from YouTube. The guy whose video feed I subscribe to had a new video. The video’s title: “How To Restore Your Wordpress Backups Using Siteground.”

The funny thing is the video is less than two minutes long. The whole process takes about twenty seconds. But, now my mind is at ease because I know how to do it.

The second thing is my friend Cyrus mentioned James Randi in a post yesterday. James Randi is a former professional magician and (in)famous “debunker” and skeptic of anything supernatural. Randi is best known¬† for a $1 Million challenge to anyone who can prove the supernatural. My friend Kim is a professional debunker and we had a little discussion about Randi. I don’t hear about Randi often. In fact, I was pretty sure he is dead.

Fast forward to last night. Ty and I are binge-watching “The Messiah” on Netflix. I was in the kitchen when Netflix rolled from one episode to the next. Suddenly, I see James Randi’s face on the screen. I was thinking it was a commercial (I forgot we were watching Netflix). My first thought was YouTube was previewing a video based on the fact that I had seen James Randi mentioned earlier in the day. But, this wasn’t a commercial. He made a cameo appearance in the show.

This morning, I received an email from my friend, Dr. Mark Pitstick. He was working on a patient yesterday while the patient’s wife read a book as she was waiting. Mark noticed the title of the book was Grief 2 Growth, my book that he recently endorsed to his email list. The patient’s wife had bought a copy for herself and her Mom having lost some close loved ones in the last month. OK, nothing magical about that. She’s on Mark’s email list. She saw the endorsement, she got the book. But, her name: Ida. Not exactly a common name, and it happens to be my mother’s name. Yesterday, I had a reading with my friend Michelle Clare to get some direction concerning my business. She assured me I’m on the right path. I’m taking this as confirmation of that.

These aren’t signs from a particular loved one. But, they are interesting little things that pop up if we’re paying attention.