Day 1664- Shayna’s Birthday- Give Me a Sign

Today is Shayna’s 20th birthday. When I asked her for a sign this morning, she reminded me she had given me a sign last night. The Alexa in our office suddenly and inexplicably stopped working with the bedroom lights. Just as inexplicably, it started working again.

This morning, I made a YouTube video using an image I use as my screensaver as the still shot for the video. I posted it to Facebook.

A friend asked if anyone knew a life coach she could refer people to. I replied with a GIF of Will Smith raising his hand.

Someone else replied to her post. So I got a notification. I went to look. What I saw was the still image I had used for the YouTube video. As I looked at it, it changed into the YouTube cover image I had used- right in front of my eyes. Then, back to the still image.


This is NOT what I replied with. But, it’s what I was able to screenshot.

I shut down Facebook and reopened the app on my phone. This is what I had actually replied with.

I have no idea how she does this.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

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