Day 1700- Dream or Journey?

I woke up this morning from a dream. But, it was more like a journey than a dream. Dreams are usually fleeting snippets, at least in my memory. This dream had no less than six location changes. It was partially lucid as in there was a moment when I realized I was dreaming as I found myself flying/hovering and I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing that.

The dream was so involved that after I woke up, I took several minutes to review it so that I wouldn’t forget. As soon as I got dressed, I grabbed my voice recorder. It took 9 minutes to dictate the dream into it.

There was a lot of symbolism in the dream. I have no idea what most of it meant. It just felt significant. So, I wanted to capture it. Here it is:

Last night I had the craziest dream. I’m going to try to get it down before I forget it because it’s fading really quickly. It started off I was in church, my grandfather’s church that I grew up in. I was taking pictures with my iPhone. It was my red iPhone I have now but it was kind of like I was a kid. I was there with a bunch of relatives but they weren’t like immediate family members, except my mother and father. And we’re taking these pictures people were posing up on the the altar at my grandfather’s church. It was three steps up to the altar. So, it’s kind of like a stage.

People were up on the altar posing for pictures.. And I remember noticing there were weird reflections, which were really cool in the photographs, but I didn’t realize that they were physically impossible to actually be in real life. I was basically killing time waiting for my parents, which was really something I would always do and I was a kid after church until they finally finished talking.

We went outside and outside it was like a park. We had to walk across this big park to get to wherever we were going. So as I walk across the grass in the park, beautiful green grass, I noticed that there was flooding and I didn’t really want to get my feet wet. I couldn’t see a way to get around it. And the next thing I knew I walked out over the water, but I was actually hovering above the water about a foot. When I realized that I was above the water and I couldn’t go back down or my feet would get wet. I wondered how I was going to get across this water without getting wet. So I started moving my arms and it was almost like I could swim, I could push the air behind me and move forward. So I did that I get to the edge of the water and the edge of the park.

So I touched down on the street and I started walking. And I walked until I found like a huge house. It was the house I live in now. But it was five times as big. It was at least 12,000-15000 square I go inside the house and I realized we were selling the house. It was kind of like an open house. All these people were in it. I think I should look around even though I had apparently lived there for years.

I don’t remember, remember much about the first floor. I remember walking down to the basement. It was down a couple of flights of stairs to get to the basement. When I got to the basement, it was like a huge cavern. There were 20-foot vaulted ceilings. I remember thinking it was strange that the ceilings were so high in a basement. It wasn’t finished. There was no furniture. But, it was roughed in.

There was a big fireplace down there. But it was kind of like our house here laid out but again, much, much larger. I remember looking up and seeing a giant fireplace and chimney. could see what the fireplace was above in the family room. So I knew relatively where I was in the house compared to upstairs. I remember wondering why were moving. This place had so much potential and space that we had never used.

Suddenly, my brother was there with me, Brandon. But he was my son in the dream. Brandon is 11 years younger than I am. So it was kinda like he was a son to me when I was a kid.  I said, “Have you ever seen this part of the house?” and he told me he had explored it once. And then we realized there’s another flight of stairs down. So we take another flight down. There’s a huge library and it’s full of these old books, which I had never seen. I wonder how did these books get into our library when I didn’t know they were here?

We find another flight of stairs down, we take that flight down, and we’ll find ourselves outside in the backyard. I just look at the house on the outside and I’m looking at how many decks it has and it seemed like it didn’t have enough decks. It should have had more for its size.

We start walking, and then we come to this water and there’s carpet runner stretched across it. The runner is about six or eight feet wide. We were supposed to cross on this runner, but the runner was just laying on top of the surface of the water. It’s really really hard to navigate, trying to walk across this thin I ended up on my knees and Brandon was having trouble, so he was on my back. I’m trying to crawl across this thing with him on my back. I’m getting exhausted. I find myself on my stomach and he’s laying on top of me. And we’re kind of sliding off to the left side of this runner. I said to him, you’ve got to get off me because I’m really tired. If you don’t get off, we’re both going to fall in the water and we’re going to drown. If you roll off of me to the right, I’ll grab you and then I can pull you along. But I can’t do this with you on top of me. He didn’t want to get off. We do this for quite a while. He finally agreed to get off and he rolls off to the to the right side of me. We get across the runner we’re back on solid land and walk inside of another house. This is a much normal size house. There are all these people in this like family room and they’re all like going through obstacles like playing games. You had to finish the games before you were allowed to leave the room.

The last obstacle was a little tiny basketball a little smaller than a volleyball. And you had to throw up this little hoop. It was like the toddler basketball hoop. But I thought, that’s it. I’m done. I’m out of here. I’m not doing any more obstacles. “I’m just gonna crawl through this tunnel and get out.: The tunnel was impossibly small, about six inches in diameter. They were saying, “No, no, you can’t do that you’ve got to finish.” I’m said, frustrated and tired, “I’m not finishing, I’m going through the tunnel.”

I go through the tunnel. And I come out on the other side, and there’s like this kind of a swamp area, but the water was like perfectly clear. It was not perfectly clear it had a very slight blue tint to it. But it was really, really clear- just enough tint that you could see it.

I knew I had to swim across this water to get to wherever I was supposed to be going. So I’m swimming across the water. And I noticed it was really, really buoyant. It was incredibly easy to stay above the surface of the water. Swimming was effortless. There were these giant plants growing up from the bottom that were kind of like broccoli, but they were about 20 feet tall. So you could push off of those as you were going across this water. There’s a bunch of people, we’re all swimming across this water. We get to the point where the broccoli kind of stuff was gone. It was just the water itself. At this point, I had no thought of how far the swim was or if I could make it because swimming was effortless.

And we started going underneath, swimming underneath for water for a while and then coming back to the surface taking a breath. It was even easier to swim underwater, like scuba diving.

I realized we’ve been under for like a long time and there was no urge to breathe. I could stay under as long as I wanted without surfacing. It just felt great. The water must have been just about a degree or two below body temperature. It felt absolutely perfect, a little bit cooling, but not enough to make you cold and definitely not hot. And it felt bubbly, like swimming in Sprite or club soda. You can see like little tiny bubbles coming off your arms as you moved them. The water was illuminated from within with a gentle light. I remember thinking I had never felt better.

We’re swimming along and I spot my mother, who I caught up to. I’d fallen behind everybody when I was trying to carry Brandon. I started thinking, “We’ve been under this water for a long time. And I haven’t been breathing.” So I took a breath. I just breathe in the water. And I realized I could breathe the water. I was weird. It didn’t feel like air. It didn’t feel that cool and kind of feeling you get when you breathe in air. But, I could breathe. It was a choice. You could choose to breathe or not breathe. It was kind of comfortable to breathe. I was telling people, “You know, can breathe the water. It’s okay.” And so people start slowly trying to breathe the water. Then I also realized I was talking to people telepathically. We weren’t moving air with our larynxes. We were underwater. So we continue swimming along. I think of Brandon’s behind me. He’s still finishing up the obstacles back in the house we were in. I knew it’d be okay. I knew he would catch up. And I was with my parents and some other people that I recognize and we’re just swimming along. I saw some neighbors, a couple, and they were holding hands. Everybody was just like, excited and feeling great and I felt better than I’ve ever felt.

We get to a point where it’s hard to describe it the water ends. It’s like a wall of water and there is the air on the other side. We looked through this portal of sorts. we realized it was Cincinnati. I think that’s pretty cool, we’re back on Earth and even in Cincinnati. We pop through the wall. We’re not wet at all. The water didn’t make us wet. We’re perfectly dry and comfortable. There was this big street fair going on. I saw a place called Eli’s barbecue; which I’ve never been to but I know it exists here in Cincinnati. We saw people walking around. There was this weird vibe though. I felt out of place. I thought I should have heard music. But, it was eerily quiet with all of these people. I realized I didn’t have to walk I could float. So instead of walking, I was just hovering like I’d done over the water in the park earlier and I spotted my cousin Tracy from behind. I went to touch her on the arm and I touched her on her elbow with my finger and I and she didn’t turn around. I said, Oh, that probably just felt like a little tiny feather to her. I knew that I would have to touch her really hard for her to feel it. I don’t know why I thought that but I thought that. So then I grabbed her elbow in my hand and squeezed it. She turned to see who had grabbed her. She looked right through me as if I was invisible. I realized she couldn’t see me. I got a buzzing feeling in my body. It was as if I was de-materializing. I woke up, in my bed.

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