Day 1764- Shayna Making Connections

I don’t know exactly what is happening. Weird stuff has been happening in our house. My iPhone went unresponsive. Then, Tywana’s phone. Then, my iPad. Then, her Fitbit. All just weird random things that were eventually all fixed after several attempts. Kayla’s work laptop stopped working. Then, her personal laptop stopped working. Both were eventually fixed. All things with no explanation. Rebooting, software reinstalls fixed them. If Shayna is sending signs by breaking things, I’ve asked her before to find another way to send signs.

Suzanne Giesemann called Tywana yesterday. Shayna dropped in on her again, as Shayna does. The lights in Suzanne’s house started flickering. Shayna told her to introduce a couple whose child had passed to us. Whenever Shayna drops in on Suzanne she gives her some evidential message to let her know it’s actually Shayna and that she’s still connected to us.

In this case, the message was a big piece of green cloth. She showed it to Suzanne as a current event. Suzanne thought maybe we were buying a pool table covered in green felt. She had no idea what it could mean. Unbeknownst to me, Tywana had spent time the day before looking at green muslin because she was thinking about making a green screen for videoconferencing.

Shayna had her arm around this little girl saying that she had met her across the veil and that she wanted Suzanne to connect her parents to us.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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  1. So wonderful to get those connections! I have received several messages from my son through his old cell phone that is hooked up to wifi only.

  2. Great signs. Shayna not only connects with you but also connect parents to you and Ty with messages of hope and comfort. Deep gratitude for what you do.