Day 180- Hangar 718

Buckle up. This is going to be a long story, but I think it’s worth it. At least it’s worth noting for me.  I have to give you a little background for it to have meaning.

I have been working on my intuition, trying to recognize synchronicities in my life, that type of thing.  A couple of days ago my buddy asked me to watch Star Wars The Force Awakens for a second time at the afternoon showing. I rarely go to the movies and I never see a film twice.  Why not?  I’m working on being more spontaneous.  So, I agree to go.  Maybe I’ll notice something new this time around and it’s a chance to check out the new deluxe theater that serves dinner and has leather recliners.  During the movie, there is a scene where they are looking for Rey and Kylo Ren (the bad guy) mentions hangar 718.  I think he mentions it twice. I don’t know why, but for some reason the number sticks out in my head this time. I didn’t even notice it when I saw it on Christmas day.  I have a weird thing with numbers. I play with them in my head when I see them, adding and subtracting, dividing and multiplying. As I pass mailboxes on my run, I will manipulate the numbers in my mind. I do the same thing with license plates. This started back in fifth grade when I had Mrs. Richards as my teacher.  She taught us some techniques with numbers that still help keep my mind occupied. Anyway, I start to think about this number 718.  I listened to a PodCast this morning and the woman mentioned getting the lottery numbers in a dream.  I’ve been hearing that seeing repeating numbers like 111 or 222 or 777 can have significance.  718 is an awfully random number though.  Why is it significant for me? I have the feeling I should look for 718 in the coming days.

As I run each morning there is a set of wires at a particular intersection where they are always mourning doves sitting. There are three wires and I will often count the mourning doves, looking for a significant number. I don’t know what I expect.  It just keeps my mind occupied as I’m making that corner.  I think maybe there will be seven, one and then eight on the wires when I make my run tomorrow.  Can Shayna pull that off? Can the universe? Nah.  But, why not? I put out a tiny intention to make it so.  When I get home from the movie, I hear the weather forecast is it’s going to be in the teens tomorrow.  I’m not going to run.  Oh well.  Maybe the next day.  It probably didn’t mean anything anyway.  But, 718 is still in my head. I consider making the run just to see, but I decide not to.  Maybe I’ll change my mind in the morning though.

Ty informs me she is getting up early tomorrow. She has to take her mother somewhere and has another meeting at noon. She wants to get her workout in early. That’s very unusual. She doesn’t tell me what time and while the time 7:18 has occurred to me, I can think of no reason why I would look at the clock at that time.  I’m still thinking about the doves.  I wear a fitness band that vibrates every morning at 7:00.  It has a snooze on it and the snooze is 9 minutes.  Sometimes when I turn it off, I accidentally put into snooze mode, but I don’t even know how that works and why sometimes it snoozes and other times it just shuts off.  At 7:00 Ty’s alarm sounds and my band buzzes.  I think nothing of it.  I shut off my band, she turns off her alarm.  9 minutes later, her alarm sounds again.  My band buzzes. She says “Ten more minutes” That’s when it hits me.  7:09 plus nine minutes equals 7:18.  I close my eyes. At 7:18, her alarm goes off again.  I look at the clock, there it is 7:18 and she gets out of bed.  I cannot tell you the last time she got up at 7:18 if ever.

I’m not sure there is any significance in the number beyond the fact that it came into my awareness yesterday, I looked for it, then it appeared.  The woman I was listening to on the PodCast had a dream where she got the numbers for the Michigan lotto. She didn’t play the lotto, but part of her job at the television station she worked at was calling the lotto to get the winning numbers and to put them up on the television screen during Jeopardy. She told her mother and some other people the numbers she had dreamed about and the very next day those were the winning numbers. She hadn’t played the lotto. The significance was in her knowing that she had been given a sign.

I think this is like that.  I don’t know that 718 will mean anything other than what I have already seen. And it if doesn’t, that’s enough. It had been a while since I had a sign from Shayna and I have been hoping for one.

Coincidence or not?

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