Day 189- Wintertime Blues

There was a song in the 1950s called “Summertime Blues”. What the hell is the Summertime Blues?  Wintertime Blues.  Now that is a thing.  Today I wake up and the Bengals have lost their first round playoff game (again). They haven’t won one in 25 years.  They have lost 7 out of 7 under Marvin Lewis. Worse, this time they had the game in hand, with the ball under 2 minutes and blew it on two personal foul penalties.  Football season is over.  Winter hasn’t started in earnest. Excellent for Ohio in early January. We’ve had no snow. When I went to bed it was over 50º and raining. I look out the window.  It’s now 28º, the wind is blowing the snow around making it look like a blizzard.  And, after three weeks of having Kayla home and having her bright spirit in the house today is the day we have to drive her back to Toledo to start the second semester of her sophomore year.

Yeah, Wintertime Blues, now that is a thing.  Football season is over, Kayla’s back at school. It’ll be cold and dark for another three months.  Why don’t humans hibernate?

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