Day 194- Shayna’s Birthday and Signs

Ty asked for signs that Shayna is still with us on her birthday which was yesterday. Ty posted this poem which I didn’t know she had written.  As far as I know she has never written anything like it before and I believe that Shayna helped her write it.

Happy Sweet 16- Shayna
I’ve stopped looking for you in all our familiar places,
It’s been almost 7 months now and sadly I know you are not in those spaces.
Most days my eyes still leak for you,
Sometimes so bad I can barely speak a single word forget about two.
I feel your spirit presence most every day,
And I hope that never goes away.
Today was to be a special day,
For it is your 16th Birthday.
So Happy Birthday my Sweet Shayna, I am wishing you well,
And I am forever grateful for your beautiful story that I get to tell.
Loving you always Mom

I had to go to the car dealership in Kentucky to get a key for the Lexus.  While I was there I found a bird feather in the parking lot.  Then, there were a couple of poltergeist types of things.  A packet of that stuff you put into bottle water to flavor it had been left on the counter.  We know it hadn’t been spilled the night before and there are only two of us here and the dogs can’t reach the top of hte bar where it was.  The packet was opened because Ty had used some of it, but she left it sitting upright in a cup to use the remainder later.  In the morning we found the contents spilled on the bar, but the packet was sitting upright in the cup where she had left it.  And, the car alarm just started going off on its own spontaneously with no one around.

We know Shayna’s still with us. We know we will see her again. But, the signs always help.

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