Day 1940- A Sign

My friend, Kathy Wyenandt is running for State Senator. This morning is a foggy morning and I take my walk around sunrise, as I always do. There are tons of political signs in the yards now. No big deal. I note which of my neighbors are supporting who and I move along. As I’m headed up a cul-de-sac I walk every day I notice how the sun is shining through the fog into my face. I glance to my left and I see my friend Kathy’s sign in another friend’s yard. And, I notice there is steam/vapor rising off of the sign almost as if it’s on fire. There is a Biden sign right next to it. No such vapor is rising off of that sign.

Immediately, my engineering brain goes to work. It’s foggy. So, the air is saturated with moisture. There’s condensation on the sign. The sun is hitting it from behind, heating it and that temperature change is what’s causing the water to evaporate and creating the vapor. But, here’s the thing. There are dozens of signs I see on my walk every day. I have never seen even one of them doing this. And, the sign right next it, literally a foot away isn’t doing this.

So, I think, maybe this is a “sign” for Kathy. I’m guided to take a quick video of it. I take the video, walk to the end of the cul-de-sac and make the turn to go back. As I pass the sign again, not two minutes later, the vapor is barely noticeable rising off it.

So, I start to think about what it took for this to happen. The fog, the sun at the right angle, the shadow (you can see it in the attached video) so the sun was not hitting the back fo the Biden sign. And, me making that trip up the cul-de-sac at just the right moment when all of these elements came together.

I wonder if it’s a sign Kathy is going to win the election. I don’t know what her chances are. But, I figure this might inspire her. Maybe she can even use it in an ad. I have no idea how she’ll respond. But, I compose a quick Facebook message, attach the video, and I send it off to her.

A few minutes later, as I scroll through my Facebook, I see that today is her deceased father’s birthday and she has posted a tribute to him. That’s when I realize, this was a sign for her, not about the election. It’s a message from her dad.

And, it hits me how spirit works and I am amazed once again. All of these things that had to come together including me following the nudge to send the video to Kathy.


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