Day 197- Lost In Paradise

I was fortunate enough to be able to join a group on Facebook that is made up mostly of people who have experience Near Death Experiences, but exclusively of people interested in them and what hints they give us about who we are and why we are here  That group has been a God-send to me.  In the last few days someone brought up how it’s difficult to adjust to life here on planet Earth once someone has tasted what awaits us. He describes our life here as being only 5% of what the reality is that awaits us. Several others in the group who have had NDEs can relate and some of us who have not can as well.

While I haven’t physically experience an NDE or had the tunnel, the waves of unconditional love, seeing departed loved ones, I feel like I have had a Near Death Experience because I have been very close to Death itself.  Watching Shayna transition has shaken me to my very core. I knew before her passing there were only three things I lived for, the relationships with Ty, Kayla and Shayna.  Nothing else.  Without them being here I would not be.  Period.  

What Shayna’s passing has brought into sharp focus for me is nothing here is real except love and relationships.  We amuse ourselves while we are here.  We keep ourselves occupied pursuing things we think will make us happy, trying to make these bodies that were designed to self-destruct (thankfully) last forever and trying to figure out the meaning of it all when the meaning is so simple.  We are here to love and to be loved.  Anything else we pursue won’t satisfy and it won’t last.

The NDE experiencers marvel at how much of our time and effort is spent on things that, in the end, are meaningless. But, therein lies a conundrum.  If we don’t do the things it takes to maintain in the 3D as we call it, we won’t be here to experience or give the love. We have to spend a certain amount of time and effort taking care of the body, making money, building things, planning.  It’s become so burdensome now though that I realize none of this lasts. As I wrote last week, everything we build- with the exception of relationships, are sandcastles on the beach. It’s only a matter of time before the ocean sweeps them away.

So, we walk among you. Those of us who are dead to this world of material pursuits. We struggle to fit in knowing we have to, that we have to keep marking these days off the calendar.  We do it for our spiritual growth, we do it to be with the ones we love who are still stuck here with us in the flesh. But, the flesh to us is nothing.   We are wandering, Lost in Paradise longing for home.

Lost In Paradise by Evanescence.

I’ve been believing in something so distant as if I was human
And I’ve been denying this feeling of hopelessness
In me, in me

All the promises I made just to let you down
You believed in me, but I’m broken
I have nothing left
And all I feel is this cruel wanting
We’ve been falling for all this time
And now I’m lost in paradise

As much as I’d like the past not to exist it still does
And as much as I’d like to feel like I belong here
I’m just as scared as you

I have nothing left
And all I feel is this cruel wanting
We’ve been falling for all this time
And now I’m lost in paradise

Run away, run away
One day we won’t feel this pain anymore
Take it all the way
Shadows of you
‘Cause they won’t let me go

So I have nothing left
And all I feel is this cruel wanting
We’ve been falling for all this time
And now I’m lost in paradise

Alone, and lost in paradise

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