Day 1975- A Little Minx Sign

This isn’t so much a sign from Shayna necessarily as a sign from the universe. Or maybe it is a sign from Shayna. You decide.

Yesterday, I saw an ad for an app to create a daemon for myself as in the HBO Series His Dark Materials. After answering some questions, I got a spirit animal that looks a lot like a minx. I snapped a picture of it (see picture below). That’s my daemon and Stevie sleeping in the background.

I played with the app a little and put it away. The next morning, as I took my walk, I found the stuffed animal (pictured) below sitting out by the trash of one of my neighbors. Pretty cool “coincidence”. This type of thing seems to be happening more and more. I noted the synchronicity.

But wait, there’s more. Today I was doing an interview for my podcast. Nicky Alan, the medium was my guest.  After we finished recording, she was talking about how Shayna was coming through as a bright light (Shayna’s name means Beautiful Light) and she said that Shayna is a… wait for it…  a little minx.

Mink mustela vison isle of mull Scotland. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.




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